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Winning Combination

Last Friday night, my pal Sandie and I visited one of our local nurseries for a special event -- a Wine Tasting and New Plant Introductions event*. 

Yep.  Michigan wines.  New plants. 


It's hard to go wrong with that combination!  (Tom joked that if the event also included yarn, I might never come home. . . )

It was a fun adventure, even though the wines were . . . meh.


And there really weren't that many "new" plants.  (Most were "new" to this particular nursery, but not really "new" to obsessive plant-followers.  Like Sandie and I.)

But we had fun sipping and strolling. . .


through the nursery selections.

We also found the most hideous collection of garden gnomes ever.  They had biker-gnomes (an entire collection) and Marliyn Monroe gnomes and this guy. . .


I mean.  Really?  Can you imagine this Elvis gnome in among your dahlias?  Nightmare-fodder!  (And $45 to boot!)

Fun night!  Wine, plants, laughter.  And plenty of inspiration!



* This is the same nursery that sponsors the cart sale I blog about every summer!


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That does sound like fun but those gnomes? Shudder!


The coleus reminds me of all the varies we saw while walking 'temple' ground in downtown SLC. If only we could have had wine! :)


Gnome Elvis?? Not so much. Actually he's almost scary/revolting. But what looks like possibly roses behind that is something I'd be interested in!! :)


New trend? There was a greenhouse/nursery open house w/wine tasting in my neck of the woods last weekend, too. Tom may be on to something... The Next Big Thing! Haha. Oh, but ix-nay on the hideous gnomes... I've been over them for about 20+ years and "Elvis" isn't helping the cause!

kathy b

Someone wants that ELVIS gnome...not me though!

I love coleus .....our nursery had none today...too early they say.

I put some Stonecrop in the ground today... I have to water it heavily for the next 2 weeks or so Ive read. f

I have my herbs , chive seeds in the ground. I sure hope we are done with frost..but Im risking it


You would have to pay me more than $45 to take that thing home. Then he'd spend his days in a closet, facing the corner....

I'm glad you two had a good time. I hate that bait and switch when someone rolls out last season's stuff and tries to tell you it's all shiny and new. Please...


That gnome would be a fun prank placement though! ;-) Happy Friday Kym!


I love how you perfectly matched your shade of wine to the coleus! Wine & plant pairings haven't yet reached my area in central NJ, but I certainly would have welcomed some wine earlier this week during my futile search of multiple nurseries looking for the perfect, new fuschia.

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