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Ahhh, Bull Durham! At least you have sunshine. We're supposed to have rain for most of the holiday weekend.


A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework. —Ruby Lou Barnhill
I can't find out exactly who Ruby Lou is/was, but I agree with her sentiment!


Oh my, I don't know Ruby Lou either but I take my lead from her! Have a wonderful weekend Kym...cheers!


Oh yes, well, if you're quoting it it must be Bull Durham (but I knew it anyway). Our favorite!
I think more like Ruby Lou, too! But, one thing on my list this weekend is a cursory cleaning.
Happy intro to summer weekend, Kym!!


I didn't remember the movie but Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty said something similar just recently. ;)
Love the pretty glass and the cuttings in the window.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Lovely window.

Mine is less attractive and more functional. Hand-painted bottle with dish liquid, ancient glass ashtray and a tiny dish for jewelry taken off before cooking/cleaning. Your window looks far more relaxed.

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