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Totally Worth the Time

Several months ago, when it was still winter, I signed up for a day-long felting workshop at my local yarn shop.  Not knit-first-then-felt (as in bags and slippers), but felting with roving.  "Wet felting" (or sculpting with wet fiber) in the morning, and "dry felting" (or needle felting) in the afternoon.

Seemed like a great idea at the time.

But, as Saturday approached - and the weather was perfectly-suited to a lovely day in the garden - I really regretted having signed up. 

But . . .

once I got there, I had a lot of fun.

Good company . . .


a bit of a mess . . .


interesting equipment. . .


and the chance to learn a new skill  -- and create something surprising!


I especially enjoyed the afternoon session.  I have always wanted to try needle felting -- but have never taken the plunge.   I'll admit to being more than a little intimidated. 

But what fun . . . to take this . . .


and poke at it with a needle (or 4) . . . to end up with this!


Eventually, this little guy emerged from my fiber pile . . .


Now HE was completely unexpected!


It was tough to give up a Saturday - spending the day inside with fiber instead of outside with plants.  But - SURPRISE!  I loved learning new things and discovering this whole new creative "stream."


It was totally worth the time!


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When I saw the needles for needle-felting I just knew I'd come out with bloody pulp for fingers, but you did a fabulous job of creating the cutest little creature and you're fingers are intact!


That guy is adorable! Man I wish there was a yarn shop nearby...


I'm glad you enjoyed it once you got there. I've had things like that, too, where I make a commitment and then when it approaches I'm wondering why on earth I thought this would be a good idea!

Cheryl S.



Your little Bug/Butterfly/FlowerMan is SO cute! I love his expression! Sounds like a fun day...even if it was inside. :)

Diana Troldahl

Your wee creature is so cute!!
Oscar gave me the under-brush and needle felter for Yule this past year, but I haven't used it yet. I think it will make a good warm weather crafting adventure :-}



Are you tempted to play with fiber again? :D


that little guy is adorable - a wine cork pixie is a great momento from that day!

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