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Mamma Mia!

Tiptoe-ing through the Tulips

In honor of Mother's Day. . .


I thought I'd share a Mom-Story today.

My Mom and Dad live in Holland, Michigan . . . a city on the shore of Lake Michigan . . . home to Hope College (where Brian goes to school) . . . and host of the annual Tulip Time Festival.

When my kids were little, I used to dress them up in their traditional Dutch costumes (just for the record:  we are NOT Dutch) and stick them in the tulips for annual photos.  (Tourists and bus tour folks used to line up behind me, snapping shots of my "authentic little Dutch kids."  Always cracked me up!)

Tulip time e 6 b 3

(Little Erin and Little Brian, circa 1994.)

After my Mom retired, she decided she might want to volunteer at Tulip Time.  So I sewed another authentic Dutch costume (seriosuly . . . there are "authentic Dutch costume patterns" and "authentic Dutch costume fabrics" to choose from), and my Mom bought herself a pair of authentic Dutch wooden shoes.


And now, each year during Tulip Time, you can find her . . . working with her pals . . . in the Tulip Time Information Booth in downtown Holland!


So, if you're ever visiting Holland to see the tulips . . . and you want directions . . . or a map . . . or advice on where to grab a bite . . . or a pint . . . stop by and say HI to my Mom!


She'll be there -- tiptoeing through the tulips in her wooden shoes!


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Love it!! The kids are adorable. ;)

There is a very Dutch community in my 'hood -- the phone book is full of "Van-de-somethings" -- and they just built a full-size working windmill... haven't moved to tulips yet, but I'm sure they will!!


THAT is the best! No Dutch to speak of around here...but if you need some LeBlancs or Cormiers head on over!


I'd love to see all the tulips must be awesome. And it would be even better with "authentic Dutch children" in amongst the blooms! What a fun idea for annual pictures.
Your mom is looking good in her costume and shoes. Even if the shoes sound very uncomfortable!


What a great story! Your mom looks quite festive in her authentic Dutch clothes. And, have your kids forgiven you for those photos yet?


A most entertaining story...thanks!

Cheryl S.

Though I imagine it's difficult to tiptoe in wooden shoes.


what a fun thing for your mom to do!


Great story! You and your mom look so much alike (and the resemblance carried on to Erin and Brian (and your sister, of course))

kathy b

Your mom is adorable. What a fun post!


Isn't dressing them up like that some kind of child abuse? ;^)

Love it all! Your mom really is adorable.


Why is that photo on the internet, Mother? ;)

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