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I know you're not supposed to.

But I do it anyway.

I covet . . .

my neighbor's lilac!


There it is.  Tucked in along the fence we share.  (Where they can't even see it!)

They probably don't even notice how it blooms.

Because, really, it's not located in a prime spot for them -- there on the side of the house they never use.  There on the side with hardly any windows. 

Besides, the lilac, on their side, is crowded out with no place to shine.


But on my side?

It is just spills over the fence!  Hanging there.  Packed with blooms and smelling incredible.

I can see it from my kitchen.  And my living room.  And my patio.  It looks like . . . part of MY garden.


So I pretend it's mine.

I even planned for it when I put together the design for my garden bed along the fence there.  Just planned for it to be blooming in May, and worked to make sure I'd be able to take advantage of it's wonderfulness.


So, yeah. 

I covet my neighbor's lilac.

(I wonder if they'd notice if I cut some blooms to bring inside for a bouquet?)


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Anything on your side of the fence is fair game. Plus, they can't see your side of the bush so they won't miss the blooms. It's a glorious specimen.


Bouquet away, I say. Lilacs are so wonderful...I'll have to find myself a bunch this weekend. Have a great day!


Oh, my, it looks enormous, too! And hell yeah, that's fair game for cutting! I'd cut a whole bunch of those to bring inside!! Yum.


I bet picking some would be just fine. I know I wouldn't mind if you picked some of mine - just don't bring them in MY house because they give me a wicked headache. I love to admire them outside, though.


You mean you've never picked any? Go get yourself some! And enjoy them! :)

Cheryl S.

I agree with Margene. Of course.


I understand the lilac temptation completely! I do not have a lilac bush in my yard, but I have always loved them! About a mile from my home, on a back road in the town just north of us is a property that no longer has a house on it. The house was abandoned, and at least 8 yrs. ago, it was torn down. And there are several HUGE lilac bushes on the property. So, every spring, during lilac season, I pull a little ways off the road onto the dirt path which must -at some point - been part of a driveway of sorts, and help myself to some lilacs! And I do this more than once each season because lilac blooms don't last long in vases!

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

I'm sure they wouldn't. Help yourself!

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

P.S.---Ours are not in bloom yet. Soon, though!


There is nothing better than the sweet scent of fresh lilac blooms. We had 3 shrubs/trees at 3 corners of our family bungalow growing up. My dad would get fed up with how tall they were growing and cut them back mercilessly, only for them to come back more vigorously than ever a couple of years later. I say, pinch 'em!

kathy b

he hee I do the same thing . My neighbor is in Israel this month so she told me to cut as many as I lIKE!!


How perfect! All the enjoyment and none of the work. ;^)

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