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Such a . . . romantic notion.

Sunshine.  75º F with a light breeze.  Wildflower meadows.  Woodland creatures - at a respectful distance.  Perfect fried chicken.  Frolicking.

But, at least for this gal, the reality never matches the picture in my head.

MY picnics have never really lived up to their billing!

Wasps.  Wind.  Seagulls.  Brownie-melting heat and humidity.  Bickering children.  Sticky everything.  Wasps.  (Did I mention wasps?)

Once a squirrel ATE through the corner of my lovely picnic basket.  While we frolicked.

(Calgon. . . take me away . . . )

So when Carole emailed this week's Ten on Tuesday topic, I just laughed.  Because I don't DO picnics anymore.  (But I definitely want to go on a picnic with Carole.  Because she knows how to do it.  And . . . brownies!)

If anyone does mention "picnic" in relation to "me," though, I bring three things:


  1. Wine glasses
  2. Wine
  3. Corkscrew

Take that, wasps!


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I'm going on a picnic with you and Carole! You're two people who get it right!


Brownie-melting heat and humidity. Bickering children. Sticky everything
lol! sounds like my picnics lol!
and the squirrel? really? that's (sorry to say this) kind of funny ;P


First of all, leave the kids at home! After that . . . it's all good. LOL. You bring the wine, I'll bring the fried chicken. ;-)


I'm on my way! :-)


Picnics always sound like a good idea but reality is so much closer to your experience. The bugs, the sunburn and trying to keep the food a safe temperature...


Haha! Yeah, and ANTS. Funny, wine was the first thing that came to my mind, and then to remember the corkscrew... I'd likely be drinking out of the bottle, though.

kathy b

HOw true how true! i'd add : wind blowing everything around


I feel exactly the same way about picnics.


I'll picnic with you anytime!

Diana Troldahl

We generally drive to our picnic site.
We bring along lovely fresh bread form the bakery, some brie or cammembert (for me) some salami of some sort (for Oscar) and brownies or cookies. To drink we make some special iced tea (Golden Green tea by Traditional Medicinals is good stuff, or Moroccan Mint by Numi).
Then we just talk.


yep, my feelings exactly. I think Carole needs to host us on a picnic!



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