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There's a cool new women's group here in town -- Women Who Care Kalamazoo

The premise is simple:  Once each quarter, women get together for a one-hour meeting in a convenient downtown location (with a bar; natch!).  They learn about 3 local nonprofit organizations, cast votes, and then . . . each writes a $100 check to the winning organization. 

It's all about pooling resources to make a difference for organizations - and, ultimately, people - in our community.  It's about . . . caring.

The three women who dreamed up Women Who Care Kalamazoo hoped they could convince 100 women to join their effort.

Last night (the second meeting), there were 190 women in the room!

Gathering . . .


socializing . . .


listening intently . . .


to heartfelt presentations about good works.


And, at the end of the evening, one of those organizations walked away with $19,000 in funding!


What a great way to spend an evening after work.  Friends.  Philanthropy.  Wine.  Doing Good.

The power of the purse!


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That is a fantastic idea! I'm forwarding this to a mover and shaker I know. So fun, so easy. Go Kalamazoo!


This may be even more amazing than wine and plants! There are some truly creative thinkers (and more importantly, doers) in MI.


This is a perfect way for like minded women to meet, socialize and support! The big plus is having a grand time together!


That is such a great idea!!


That is absolutely fantastic! Women are powerful and we all need to recognize that and use that power for good!

Julia in KW

What an amazing idea...I will have to investigate!

Sharon R

What an amazing idea! It takes a woman to come up with something so simple, yet effective!


Women are the ones who find the creative ways to tackle a project...this is a great idea! And doesn't it feel good to pool your money and really make a difference!

Cheryl S.



So cool!


Wow, that's awesome!

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