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Each spring, my best garden pal Sandie and I hop in her Prius and head to one of our favorite greenhouses in West Michigan.

An annual pilgrimmage to . . .

Photo copy 6

WW Greenhouse is located in Hudsonville -- a little town tucked halfway between Grand Rapids and Holland in West Michigan.  I first discovered this greenhouse in 1988 . . . when Tom and I bought our first house . . . about a mile from this very spot.  Of course, the greenhouse was quite small then.  Really, just a little flower stand.  My kids remember my pulling them through the little  greenhouse in a wagon while I shopped for plants!

Now. . . it's HUGE!


Flowers stretched for acres and acres!

Photo copy 3

The aisles are looooong!  (That's Sandie, way back there!)  And there are no wagons anymore.  Now, there are double and triple tiered carts!  (Sandie's cart actually looked more like a hospital gurney.)  All the better for selecting a garden of plants.

WW has most everything . . . annuals, perennials, native plants, wildflowers, herbs, vegetables, water gardening.  (No trees and shrubs, though.)  And they provide loads of inspiration.  (They do a great job of mixing unusual plant combinations; maybe the best I've ever seen.)

Photo copy 2

We have a great time every year at WW.  We load up our gurneys carts . . . and we laugh a lot!

Photo copy 5

And, in the end, we cram plants into every nook and cranny of Sandie's Prius (I am totally impressed at how many plants a Prius can hold!!!). . .

Photo copy
and head back home.

Where we spend the next several days planting.  (And planting.  And planting!)


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Well, just WOW! There couldn't be a better place for you to buy summers flowers. How fun to see every kind of glorious bloom and wondrous inspiration.


What fun! Too bad Hudsonville is, like, 10 hours from my house -- I would love to go there!


Good times! We're currently having our to impatiens or not to impatiens or where to impatiens discussion. ;-)


I'm usually so exhausted by the shopping/decisions that I'm too worn out for planting (and planting) (and planting)!


That looks fantastic! I can just imagine how much fun you had!


Great haul! I'm looking forward to plenty of lovely pictures over the gardening season!


Oh, fun! I love flower shopping with a friend. It looks like a garden center I would love to go to...lots of interesting selections. :D


I love it! Do they have some kind of golf cart service for people who run out of steam before running out of green houses? ;^)

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