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What better topic . . . following Mother's Day . . . than to remember our Ten Favorite TV Moms!

I have a bit of a beef with the whole TV Moms thing.  Because . . . I think TV Moms get short shrift, generally.  They always seem to be in the background.  Lurking.  Unsatisfied.  Herding their kids.  Or sorting things out for their kids.  Doing Mom-Things.  Occasionally showing their wisdom.  But, mostly . . . just being kind of . . . well . . . character-less.

And we KNOW that's not the case!

So.  With that in mind, here are my favorite, long-suffering TV Moms:


  1. Edith Bunker.  Her ditz-i-ness was really just a ruse -- for the wisdom and common sense deep within her soul!  (All in the Family)
  2. Shirley Partridge.  I always wished MY Mom would buy a school bus and outfit it for travelling about the country -- where my sister and I could sing and dance ourselves to super-stardom!  (The Partridge Family)
  3. Carol Brady.  She was so . . . groovy. (The Brady Bunch)
  4. Roseanne.  So REAL.  Such a breath of fresh air (at least for the first season).  (Roseanne)
  5. Ann Romano.  Such a scandal -- a divorced mom!  Raising two cool daughters.  (One Day at a Time)
  6. Kitty Forman.  She had to put up with a lot there . . . deep in the 70s.  (That 70s Show)
  7. Claire Dunphy.  Such a modern mom.  And so like many real moms I know . . . right now!  (Modern Family)
  8. Morticia Addams.  Oh, yeah.  Wouldn't she be QUITE the mom!  (The Addams Family)
  9. Lois (did they HAVE a last name?).  Stubborn and feisty, she was a strong Mom in the midst of constant mayhem and a totally stupid husband!  (Malcom in the Middle)
  10. Clare Huxtable.  She always kept her cool -- and looked great, too!  (The Cosby Show)

How about YOU?  Who is your favorite TV Mom?


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My favorite would be Edith Bunker.If nothing else she made me laugh!
At times like this my lack of knowledge of pop culture icons is a determent.


ha! I guess I don't watch enough TV either; haven't even seen a few of these! but I do agree they tend to get short shrift and Carole Brady, with her stylin' shag and short skirts was my favorite TV mom back in the day. fun list!


Great list and I loved the All in the Family Clip! I should really watch that show again now that I'm older. I don't think I truly appreciated it during it's first run.


Terrific list and you are so right about Edith Bunker!


I loved Malcom in the Middle! She was great...and the episode with Bea Arthur...the best.


Oh man, how did I miss Kitty Foreman? I LOVED her.

Mary Kay

OMG! Morticia Adams!!!

Happy Tuesday. :)


More TV moms that I know! I must have watched way to much TV over the years...I don't know how I could have forgotten Edith. We even named a cat after her. :)


Lily Munster?

kathy b

I love Claire Dumfrey.....Just love her. and I love Sofia V. too


lois wilkerson though it was a running thing that they didnt
she's one of my faves too
a lot on your list i never got to watch the series as i left usa in 1998 and a lot of the sitcoms never make it over here.


Gotta be Joyce Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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