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What better topic . . . following Mother's Day . . . than to remember our Ten Favorite TV Moms!

I have a bit of a beef with the whole TV Moms thing.  Because . . . I think TV Moms get short shrift, generally.  They always seem to be in the background.  Lurking.  Unsatisfied.  Herding their kids.  Or sorting things out for their kids.  Doing Mom-Things.  Occasionally showing their wisdom.  But, mostly . . . just being kind of . . . well . . . character-less.

And we KNOW that's not the case!

So.  With that in mind, here are my favorite, long-suffering TV Moms:


  1. Edith Bunker.  Her ditz-i-ness was really just a ruse -- for the wisdom and common sense deep within her soul!  (All in the Family)
  2. Shirley Partridge.  I always wished MY Mom would buy a school bus and outfit it for travelling about the country -- where my sister and I could sing and dance ourselves to super-stardom!  (The Partridge Family)
  3. Carol Brady.  She was so . . . groovy. (The Brady Bunch)
  4. Roseanne.  So REAL.  Such a breath of fresh air (at least for the first season).  (Roseanne)
  5. Ann Romano.  Such a scandal -- a divorced mom!  Raising two cool daughters.  (One Day at a Time)
  6. Kitty Forman.  She had to put up with a lot there . . . deep in the 70s.  (That 70s Show)
  7. Claire Dunphy.  Such a modern mom.  And so like many real moms I know . . . right now!  (Modern Family)
  8. Morticia Addams.  Oh, yeah.  Wouldn't she be QUITE the mom!  (The Addams Family)
  9. Lois (did they HAVE a last name?).  Stubborn and feisty, she was a strong Mom in the midst of constant mayhem and a totally stupid husband!  (Malcom in the Middle)
  10. Clare Huxtable.  She always kept her cool -- and looked great, too!  (The Cosby Show)

How about YOU?  Who is your favorite TV Mom?


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