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Let Me Count the Ways. . .


SPRING has finally arrived here in my corner of the universe.


And that means . . . it's All Hands on Deck getting the garden back into shape!


Tom does most of the heavy lifting -- or, in this case, heavy pulling of the neighbor's English Ivy off the fence.  (If not for Tom's annual battle, the neighbor's English Ivy would be covering our house by now.  It's the kudzu of the neighborhood.)


Brian (home for a week before starting his summer research position) took on the icky job of cleaning up my pond.  (More on why it was particularly icky this year another day.)  But, trust me, Really Icky.


Jenny was everywhere, enjoying freshly-turned nightcrawlers and fresh soil.  She also ended up having a bath because she couldn't quite resist the lure of the Icky Pond Detritus -- rolling in it whenever we weren't watching.


And me?  I just loved every minute!


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How wonderful! Blooming flowers, green grass and Jenny having fun. Sounds like a great time!


Your garden is coming to life through the hard work of your family! I'm sure you were in there working just as hard!


What a wonderful weekend! And so nice to have Brian for a week!


Ooh, what is the plant in the first picture? I'm really interested by the flowers with both pink and blue, and they look like just the thing to plant with my hydrangeas. You're off to a great garden start with the family, and I'm looking forward to more pictures as your garden progresses through the season.



Cheryl S.

Dog covered with pond scum. Ick. Definitely time for a bath.


I'm glad you've got good helpers over there! And what is it with dogs rolling around in the ick? LOL.

kathy b

Hooray for the SPRING arrival. Love to see your yard .. Hmmmm yucky pond sounds ikcy but I'd love it once cleaned and set up ...for sure


Does my Jenny need a refresher course on what being a supervisor means? ;^)

I'm so glad spring has finally landed on you. It's about bloody time!


Sun, shorts, fresh air...what's not to LOVE! especially since it's May for crying out loud. (I'm hoping to see shorts myself ... soon?!)


Re: Jenny. Tis always good to have an inspector.

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