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Soul Food

Earlier this week, I read dear Jane's post about having flowers at her desk. . . and how she buys them with her groceries at the store.  Because flowers are food, says Jane.  Food for the eyes and the spirit.

Jane's words have been hanging with me all week.

Because she is absolutely right.

Flowers are food for my soul.

So yesterday, when I stopped in at the grocery for my dinner ingredients, I paused first at the flower stand and grabbed a lovely little bouquet of pink tulips.


I grabbed a few of my small vases and my snippers . . . and went to work.


In moments, I had 3 small vases of fresh, happy tulips.  I stuck 'em here and there, in my most-frequented areas of the house.  Today - and through the weekend - wherever I look. . .


I'll have access to my lovely tulips . . .


and I'll feel nourished.


Soul food!

(Thanks, Jane.)


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You're so very welcome, Kym! I love the idea of using a few small vases, too!


I couldn't agree more! I had 3 mason jars with tulips and alstroemeria on the Easter table after dinner I spread them throughout the house. I love having fresh flowers around.

Cheryl S.

Yes, they definitely are. I've got daffodils galore right now.


I do the same! This time of year it's easy to find lovely little bouquets of tulips, daffodils, or daisies. Colorful blossoms, spring in the house, smiles of joy.


Excellent idea! I think I'll stop for some tulips on the way home. Happy Friday!


Beautiful! Great idea! :) There are times when I wish I didn't have cats. Most flowers are poisonous and the cats are exceptionally curious...


How very true!


My mom always says, "Flowers for my soul."

kathy b

Yes yes yes IM into the flowers now too as I ache for spring.

I would die if that vase spilled onto my laptop...Ive done a similar disastrous thing twice in the last year....


I love that green glass vase. Isn't it amazing how such a simple thing can be such a mood lifter?

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