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Right Now . . . April 2013

I don't know about you, but April flew past so quickly that I really never got used to it being April.  And now, it's almost over!

Here's what's happening in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.

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Watching . . . The changing scenes outside.  Rain.  Sunshine.  Buds.  But nothing on television.  (I am recording some things to watch eventually.  But . . . I seem to have no time for tv these days.)

Reading . . . Oh.  The books!  There are so many fabulous books.  My to-read queue grows longer every day.  Right now, I'm reading The Interestings (which just isn't really living up to its title, unfortunately) and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (not far enough into it to gauge, at this point).  I do need to recommend a recent read, though:  A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.  Very good!


Knitting . . . Just finished ChicKnit's Elisbeth cardigan (short sleeve version).  It's blocking as I type, so watch for photos soon.  I'm working on a spring-color version of this shawl.  But, mostly, I'm not doing a whole lot of knitting these days.

Listening to . . . Weezer.  Soundgarden.  Train.  And some Beatles - just for balance.


Thinking about . . . Gardening.  Pretty much full-on gardening.

Dreading . . . Ugh.  The dentist.  By the time you read this post, I'll be finished with Appointment #1 of my two-part Crown Experience.  (I dread.  But it will be nice to be able to chew on the left side again!)

Humming . . . A song from my Turbo Kick class last Friday.  I don't know the name of the song, nor do I know who sings it -- which is lucky for you all.  Because if I knew either of those things, I'd look it up and insert it here.  And then you'd all hate me forever.  Because it's very, very catchy.

Planning . . . Gardens.  Designing them.  Planting them.  Sitting in them. 


Celebrating . . . Spring.  Finally.

Drinking . . . A spring tea blend mixed just for me at Teavana.

Itching to . . .Go barefoot.  (Also . . . tell a jerk what I really think.  I probably won't actually do this.  But it's therapeutic to think about anyway!)

Needing to . . .Weed, clean, and prepare my garden beds for the season ahead.  (And so happy about that.)


Organizing . . .  It's time - finally - to put away the wool and the heavy and the warm.  Time to break out the breezy and the light and the fun.  Need to get my closet in order!

Inspired by . . . Alabama Chanin


Delighted by. . . blooms and buds . . . breaking out all over!

How about YOU?  What's going on for YOU . . . right now?


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April sure did fly!!


April sure did disappear in a hurry...I must have blinked. ;)
Yay for fresh dirt on new gardening gloves! You're getting to play in the gardens. :)


I'm so glad to hear you say that about The Interestings. I think I'm about to die of boredom.
My weekend was so relaxing and delightful just because there was SUN! ALL WEEKEND! it's such a relief to know spring is here to stay. (I've been in sandals for 4 days!)


We had lots of sun this weekend and I did some knitting and reading on the deck - trying to hold onto the tan I got in Mexico! I also drank some tequila. Ahem. Trying to hold onto the feeling I got in Mexico! It kind of worked.

kathy b

I cannot wait to see the sweater.
Im gardening too!
I found my birdbath broken in the shed...time to look for a new one.


ooohhh I can tell you have a BAD case of Spring Fever. Hope this week's weather cooperates and you can bask in sunshine...and get your hands dirty :-)


Now I want that shawl, Kym! So many beautiful examples on Ravelry. Can't wait to see yours. Unfortunately, my queue is so long I won't be able to get to it for another ten years:-)

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