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One Thing . . . Leads to Another

May Day! May Day!


Tomorrow . . . we flip the calendar.  And . . . it's May!  I love May.  Such a lovely, somewhat predictable month.  Late spring at it's absolute finest.


This week, for Ten on Tuesday, Carole asks us . . . what we're looking forward to in May . . .

  1. Deadlines whooshing by!  I tend to have a lot of work deadlines in May, so I'm always looking forward to their end.  All those little details tied up.  Neat and tidy.
  2. Celebrations!  My Dad's birthday.  Mother's Day.  An end to another semester for Brian.  There is much to celebrate in May.
  3. Blooms!  I love watching the flowers in my garden come to life!  Trillium.  Lilac.  Quince.  Rhododendron.  Iris.  Bring it!
  4. Bringing my ponds back to life!  I love getting my little ponds back in operation once the threat of freeze is over (mid-May here in my corner of Michigan).  Nothing beats the sound of moving water in the landscape!  Can't wait.
  5. Setting up the lawn furniture!  When the days start being nicer on a consistent basis, it's time to bring out the lawn furniture and my pergola swing.  Nothing beats sitting out in the sunshine on a warm May afternoon.
  6. Nursery road trips!  All of my favorite nurseries and garden shops open in late April and early May.  It's time for those weekend pilgrimages to begin. . . once the calendar turns to May.
  7. Planting my containers!  Although I'm always itching to begin earlier, I need to wait to play with my containers until later in May.  We can still get frost here in Southwest Michigan in mid-May. . . so it's best to wait.
  8. Putting in the screens!  I love having my windows open to the breezes and fresh air. 
  9. Heading Up North . . . where it's time to put in the docks and the boat!  Tom already has the cabin open for the season, but we won't put in the docks and and move the pontoon in to the water until Memorial Day weekend.
  10. Vacation!  This year, I'm heading out for a week in San Francisco with my sister . . . and we're leaving right at the end of May.  Can't wait!


How about YOU?  What are you looking forward to in May?


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You have some great things on your radar for May!

Rebecca Mayne

sounds like you have a great month of may ahead of you :D


I'm ready for some patio time and to open windows 24/7. May is a grand month. San Francisco is such a wonderful city for vacationing. I'm going to enjoying seeing it through your eyes. Maybe we should put it on our calendar for later this summer.


May always make me think of the last days of the school year and a whole summer vacation ahead. Funny how some schedules stay with you even if you aren't involved in them any more!


I love having the windows open too! And if you've not been there...check out the Tadich Grill in SF. Historical and delicious!


Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned for the month. I am happy to be able to get outside without a jacket!

kathy b

Many of the same things, but I dont have a place Up North.....:)

Screens hooray. They are in. and the windows are OPEN today.

planting things... and hoping for them to grow big and beautiful

Fireman's birthday and Allison graduation with her BSN. Hooray


We've put screens on the doors, and windows are next (yeah, mostly clunky old storm windows/screens over here)! May is certainly busy, but it's just so much easier to take.


Have a great time in San Francisco!

christi in ma

I was brave and planted my containers this weekend. I can always cover them or bring them inside if there is a frost warning.

Enjoy your trip to San Francisco!


Love the star magnolia - in Ca the blooms are already past, I wish they lasted for months.
Nursery road trips are almost as fun as yarn shop road trips. :)


Folks who don't live in S. Michigan don't understand about going Up North, do they???

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