A Brief Interlude
No More . . . Sounds of Silence

It's Raining Cats and . . . Chickens!

Spring is trying her best to (finally) take hold here in Southwest Michigan.  But Spring is fickle.  Seemingly here one day . . . then snow the next!

We've been getting a lot of rain.


But I don't mind!  It gives me a chance to stomp about in my new, birthday rain boots . . . a gift from my Mom and Dad.


They lighten up the dreariest of wet and muddy days.

Aren't they awesome?


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They are awesome! I was just saying yesterday that I should have boots like that for walking around outside at work. But I've never seen chicken ones before...how cool is that! :D


Those are fab! And I doubt you'll ever lose them. ;)


I have loved the chicken rain boots for quite a long time. We almost bought me a pair when we had our grrls. Lucky you!! They're SO cute! I hope you don't have to wear them often, however.
Yesterday I wrote a post about spring and asked if she were feckless or fickle...or both? With our hard freeze warnings and gray skies, I'm thinking winter is intractable! lol


Those boots are the best! I think your rain is headed our way...blustery weekend ahead!


Wow, I might wish for rain if I had great boots like that! And remember, April showers bring May flowers!

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

LOVE the chickens! (And rain is better than snow!)

kathy b

I Adore those boots. and i love thunder storms


My precious we wants it !!! :)

Cheryl S.

Hee hee!


Those are adorable and they remind me that I need to get some fun and funky rain boots!


Those are the awesome-est rain boots EVAH!

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