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Introducing . . . Throwback Thursdays

One of my Ravelry/Facebook pals, Janet, does a really cool thing with her Facebook posts.  Every once in a while. . . on a Thursday . . . she features a photo that is a blast-from-her-past.  She calls it "Throwback Thursdays" and I love it! 

I love it so much, in fact, that I'm going to shamelessly copy Janet's really grand idea!

Welcome to . . . Throwback Thursday!

Second Grade Class


Second grade.

Maple School.

Mrs. Boline's class.

Can you find me?

What amazes me most about this photo. . . is that I can name every single kid in my class!  Every one.  Jeffrey and Karen and Scott.  Donna and Larry and Betsy.  Holly.  Joey.  Casey.  Freddy.  Victor and Brenda and Tony and Susie.  Tracy and Michael.  Sonia and Ronald.  LeAnn and Dennis and Vicki and Carl and Debra.  Greg and Geoff and Douglas.  Becky and Jeff and (well, that's me!  the chick with the uncomfortable up-do!) and Douglas.

My, we got awfully dressed up for school in 1966-67!

What else do I remember?

Well.  It was lucky the photos were early in the day.  Because my hair did NOT look like that after first recess!  The bobby pins holding it all together gave me a headache.  It was hard to jump rope on the playground with an up-do.  I was a tangled mess by lunch time.

My best pals in second grade were Vicki and Tracy and Betsy and Victor.  Dennis, too, I remember.

I thought Douglas was cute.

I loved Mrs. Boline.

I got an award for perfect attendance in second grade.  (It was the only time in my school career that I had perfect attendance.)

I can tell you who was good at jump rope; who was good at jacks.  I can also tell you who . . . wasn't.

I can remember each person who was in the "high" reading group.

I can tell you who was my biggest competition in the weekly spelling bee.

I can tell you who stuck a pair of scissor up their nose and had to be rushed to office with a pool of blood at his desk.

I know who threw up in his math book.

But I have no idea whatever happened to any of these kids!  Because I moved away in 6th grade and never heard from any of them again.

Throwback Thursday.  It's fun to remember.

Isn't it?


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I had a feeling that up-do was you. :)
We moved often during my school years which has left me with few memories of friends or teachers. How wonderful you have such clear memories of your school days!


Your Mom is awesome to have given you the up-do! I remember pretty much everyone from those days, we were a cute bunch huh? ;-)


Adorable!! Seemed I always ended up going to bed with rollers in my hair and waking up to a still-damp, lifeless mess! I guess curling irons and blow dryers hadn't been invented yet!! ;)

Like Margene, we also moved a lot, especially early in my school days -- three kindergartens to start, and then different schools for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. There are some great memories -- Mrs. Kelly, best 1st grade teacher ever in the history of the world -- and thank goodness for photos!!


Throwing up in a math book is a good idea.


What a little cutie you were - I'd recognize that grin anywhere! I remember all of my teachers and some of my classmates but I don't know if I could be as specific as you.


Ha! I spotted you immediately. Your mom sounds like a creative soul- mine was always doing me up in killer bottle-brush curlers the night before. Remember how short the skirts were then? Our class group photos showed all the girls with ankles demurely crossed. Come to think of it, the skirts then were as short as the ones that shock us now!


What fun! Old pictures are so much fun...I'll be looking forward to Throwback Thursday and the changing hairstyles. ;D


I had to think to remember my second grade teacher, but I can remember my classmates: Dina, the diva; Wayne, who had icky warts; Julie, who was more athletic than most boys...Left them all in 6th grade too.


Wow what a memory!
And my first reaction was: why are these girls so dress up poor souls... LOL the Israeli in me - As far as I remember we wore shorts with elastic around the thighs and striped t-shirts!

Sharon R

I was lucky enough to go from kindergarten to high school in the same neighbourhood. However, I had some great childhood friends that moved away. I find myself remembering names and wondering where they are these days. It must be a sign of aging. Turned the big 50 last month! And a belated happy birthday to you! I hope you had a fabulous day!

kathy b

OMG your memory is nothing short of amazing. I probably can't name two kids from that year in my life. Parochial school was painful for me....
I guess I'd rather forget it!! ha ha


Your mom knew what she was doing with that updo. You stole the show! The only person I remember from second grade was the cute little blond boy I had a crush on. I left that school in the middle of third grade so there was no continuity. Gosh. 1967. That was the year I graduated from college. Did the Beatles even mean anything to you back then?

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