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In Search of Spring

Spring is slow in coming this year. 
(Like, really slow.
But yesterday was sunny, so I put on my scarf.  And my hat.  And my gloves. 
(Really.  So Sick. Of. It.)

And went in search of spring.

Garden Buddha was basking in the sun. 
(Which had melted off his coat of frost by this time.)


And a few of my daffodils survived last weeks deluge of rain, followed by freeze and snow. 
(But, overall, they took a substantial hit.)


I found this lovely, singleton tulip in the middle of one of my newer garden beds. 
(I have no idea where it came from.  It's a welcome "volunteer" -- I know I didn't plant it.  Surprise!)


I found large swaths of wild violets in my grass. 
(Lawn purists would be horrified, I know.  But they make me smile.  As they slowly take over my lawn.  And creep into my garden beds.)


My hellebores are blooming like crazy! 
(Such dependable, sturdy harbingers of Spring.)


And I even found a little bee, hard at work, in one of them!
(Spotting this little bee was such a delight!)


I found birds trying to break through the thin coat of ice on my birdbath,
buds on most of my trees, and new growth emerging in the perennial beds.
(Even some of my hostas!)


I also discovered that I have lost my ongoing battle with invasive grass in one of my garden beds.  I'm going to have to dig it all up . . . or nuke it with Round Up. 
(But that's a story for another day.)

Spring.  It's out there.
(You just gotta know where to look.)



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Some years you have to look hard to see signs of spring making its inroads, but every little bud of green and every little blossom bring joy to the heart. There is hope of warmth and sun!
Yesterday was our first day of sun all day and warm enough temperatures for basking. I wore sandals (but just for the afternoon).


It is out there! I did a quick search in the back yard the other day, myself. It's coming... they say 60F by the weekend!


Even though it stinks to come home from the beach it's nice to find spring has (somewhat) arrived. I've got grape hyacinth in bloom and daffodils, too. Hooray! Now if I could just put the damn winter coat away.


Ohh, look at the pretty green grass! Love it! We've got snow everywhere yet and a bit more forecast for the middle of the week. Wish I knew what Mother Nature has up her sleeve for us this year...


It sure is taking it's time! I've got a few things popping through but haven't made much effort to meet up with them yet! Happy Monday Kym!

kathy b

I want helibores.....NEXT year. Glad to hear they are dependable


I'd never give up little purple flowers for a plain lawn.

Melissa G

Yesterday I got sunburnt clearing out the front flower bed. This morning I got warm enough to take off my fleece while walking the dog. Forty minutes later winter was on its way again and I'm looking at snow flurries now. I'm sure our lawn violets will survive.


ahhh...I'm feeling like I live in the tropics and Atlanta has had what seems like the coldest, longest spring in years! I washed jackets last week, and this weekend we had to wear them again. (I know, it sounds whiny but we do live below the Mason-Dixon line :-) can't wait to see more photos of your lovely garden welcoming the new season!


So much spring!

I'm sorry about the flowerbed. I hate it when the grass wins a battle.


Smokey and I were always divided on the subject of violets in the lawn of our Mpls house. He wanted to exterminate them, I wanted to keep them. I won, mostly by laziness -- too hard to get rid of them :)

The so-called lawn at the lake can have as many violets (and ferns and yarrow and pussytoes) as will grow there. Anything green is fine.

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