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Back to the Chicago Flower Show . . .

(I need to squeeze out one last Flower Show-related post!)

Last year at the Flower Show, I was pleased to discover a fiber arts exhibit by a group of women artists from the Chicago area, Women's Journeys in Fiber.   (Last year's exhibit featured aprons.)  I was so hoping that this year's show would feature a similar exhibit . . . and I was not disappointed!

This year, Women's Journeys in Fiber presented Footwear: Women's Stories.  Each artist constructed a pair of women's footwear (shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, etc.) using a textile techinique (or more than one!) of their choice.  The work was to tell the story of women through history for whom the "shoe" had a role in defining the individual or her destiny.

The pieces were remarkable!










Each shoe was a wonder; each story compelling.  (For a full view of the exhibit, complete with stories and artists bios, click here.)

My favorite "shoe" was actually a sock.  Designed by a knitter.  With a story that will resonate with most of knitters I know:  A story of the artist's life. . . as told in fair isle.



What really captured my attention with this one?  Why, the needles left in at the top!


The artist left them there, intentionally.  Because her story isn't over yet.  She's still knitting her life -- and she has so much more to add!

I was so glad to find this year's exhibit.  The shoes definitely fit!




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What beautiful shoes — and socks!


What a fun exhibit! And the socks are awesome and of course the needles should be left IN!


Perfect we to show the life of a woman. Of course the unfinished Fair Isle sock is of the most interest and I love that her story isn't over. Thank you for sharing such a unique exhibit!


Oh, those are all so wonderful!! Wonderful theme. Love.


Wow, people are so creative! I sent this off to an artist friend of mine - she's going to love it. Thanks for sharing!


What imagination! Very impressive.. And the socks are so very cool. Her life story in knitting. But no point protectors makes me nervous... o.0

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