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When I was walking through the vendor booths last month at the Chicago Garden Show, something a bit . . . unusual. . . caught my eye.


Water Marbles.  $4 a package.  I decided to try one.

You add some of the tiny marbles to a vase


filled with distilled water


and then you wait.


Over the course of a day, those little marbles absorb every drop of the water in the vase


and you end up with a vase full of water marbles!


Supposedly, you can place cut flowers or a bamboo plant in the vase filled with water marbles . . . and never have to water it.  The water from the marbles is apparently enough to keep the the flowers or plants adequately hydrated.  Evenutally, the water desorbs (it's a real term; I checked with the resident chemist) and the marbles return to their original tiny size.

And you can use them again and again.


Haven't actually tried putting flowers in the marbles yet, but I will.

For now, I just think they're kind of fun.  They look pretty, just sitting there in the vase.  And they're really fun to hold -- surprisinly hydrated and slightly slimy in a Ooooooo-Coooooool! kind of way.

You can order some for yourself . . .at this really cheesy website.  (This is the company that was selling them at the Chicago Garden Show; I found the website in the instruction materials packed with my Water Marbles.)  They are also available in larger quantities (with a more scientific explanation of what happens) here.



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If you ever use them for cut flowers I'd love a report on how it works... If the cut ends aren't in water won't they just dry out? Questioning minds want to know! :D


I'd love to try them! I use rocks and marbles to hold my cut flowers in place. Water marbles could be even better as I wouldn't need to clean dirty water out of the vase after the flowers are gone.


Water marbles look cool and I want to try them.


Without even looking, I'm going to hazard a guess that it's the same/similar technology used in super-absorbent disposable diapers!! Though it's been a while since I've had regular practice with those, so perhaps they've moved on to something else entirely in the diaper aisle. ;)

kathy b

COOL!! i have two bamboo plants that I cherish. I may get those.

One is from a patients' mom who gave them to us nurses as athanks and for luck. ONe is from my son Zach after I told him I love my bamboo plants.

I have learned you can only use sterile water on the bamboo. I have yet to cut the roots, but I am told that helps them too


Fun, fun! You're always giving me something to think about! And I'm getting those tulips this week for sure!


Ooh, cool! I love new, fun, plant-related things, especially when they're only $4! Off to order some of my own...

Cheryl S.

That's very neat - it would help keep the flowers arranged, too.

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