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A Brief Interlude

Dog Day

Today . . .


is Jenny's birthday.  Yes.  Today, Miss Jenny is SIX!

And how, exactly, does a dog celebrate a special day (as opposed to . . . all the other dog days. . .)???

Long dog naps in her favorite, comfy spots.


A nice walk through the neighborhood with her favorite People.


(Jenny can smell SPRING in the air . . . and she is Most Pleased.)


A brand new toy.  Jenny, who loves squeaky, plush toys best of all. . . was very excited about her new crocodile.



Until it was naptime again, of course!


The day was full of other wonderful dog-surprises, too.

Some new poop bags.  (Lavender scented.  Oh, joy!)


Sam's Yams.  (Jenny's favorite.)


And a new chicken. . . the frosting on the cake!


What a lucky, lucky, dog!


Happy Birthday, Miss Jenny!


And a quick P-Update:  You can probably see that Jenny has healed up quite nicely from her surgery last November.  She is still doing physical therapy every day with Tom, and going on nice long walks each day with me.  She's now back up to walking a 2-mile distance, and is quite pleased about that - especially now that it's spring (well, allegedly. . . ).  Jenny is no longer on a leash-restriction when outside, so she is free to patrol her back-yard territory and run around a bit.  Life is good!  (The next challenge will be keeping her from jumping off the dock and into the lake this summer.  Yikes!)


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You do know how to spoil a grrl! She's a happy, well adjusted pup!Happy Birthday, Jennie!!
Moxie just turned 15. I'm not sure how he got to be that old, but he still jumps around when excited. We love our four legged friends!


Hooray! Happy Birthday to Jenny! I'm so glad that her birthday was special and that she is doing well.


Happy Birthday, Jenny!!

No jumping off the dock??? Will she ever be able to again?


best birthday wishes to Jenny!! so glad you made her day super special (and I get that's hard since ALL the days are special :-) ... and how fun to be thinking about summer!

kathy b

Happy happy Birthday to Jenny. What a great dog.
Im glad you are celebrating her greatness!!!


Happy Birthday, Jenny! Looks like you are having a super day. Glad to hear you are all healed careful around those docks tho!


Happy Birthday Jenny! Looking good these days girl! Our first family dog had a 4/15/59 birthday. ;-)


Oh, I LOVE a happy dog!


Aww I miss Jenny! I like that she napped with her new crocodile!


Woo Hoo!

Happy Belated Birthday, Jenny!

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