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Danger Zone!


Today . . . we have One Dangerous Topic.


My greatest knitting weakness.

And, this week, Carole has us talking . . . Sweaters. 

Ten of 'em, in fact.


I decided to approach this week's list this way:  I'm going to list my ten favorite sweaters -- as of today.  (Because this list could easily change tomorrow.)

Here goes:

  1. Beeline.  (That Heidi Kirrmaier?  She's killin' me with her sweaters.  Really.  Killin' me.)
  2. Vertex.  (It's one of Julie Weisenberger's designs - from Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Volumn 4.)
  3. Enso.  (I'm really not sure what it is about this one, but I want to have it in my closet.)
  4. Machu Picchu.  (Carol Sunday.  I'm sort of over the fair-isle-yoke thing.  Except for this one.  This one?  Must knit.)
  5. Asamoya.  (Kirsten Johnstone.  So. Freakin'. Cool.)
  6. Market Jacket.  (Tanis Gray.  From November Knits.)
  7. Rocky Road.  (Heidi Kirrmaier.  Again.  See?  Killin' me.)
  8. Boardwalk.  (Heidi Kirrmaier.  She's definitely got my number.)
  9. Kiss of North.  (Clever.  And versatile.)
  10. Pueblo Stole.  (Yeah.  I know it's not a sweater, technically.  But I love it.  And I think I'd wear it LIKE a sweater.  So there.)

And what's so dangerous about this list?

Why . . . I'll be thinking about what to knit next . . . all day long!

How about YOU?  What are some of your favorite sweater patterns?  (Today, anyway. . . )


Join the fun!  Sign up for Ten on Tuesday here.



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ha ha, same here! I just want to knit and not work today! Happy TOT!


YOU are the dangerous one!! Now I'm thinking about sweaters! And I just started on the stranded mittens again last night...


I love Boardwalk and Vertex has been on my long list, too. I'm not sure I'm a vest wearer, but maybe I should try one and see. You ARE a danger zone for both sweaters and books!


Methinks we all think about what to knit next all day long...every day...sigh. Nothin' wrong w/that ;)


I can see that my Ravelry queue will be GROWING today. I do already have Market Basket on it, though!


Talking about Ms. Kirrmaier, did you see her latest cardigan: Storm Mountain? But as I still didn't sew the cardigan I finished knitting January 22 - I don't think I should think of any garment any time soon...


I love that Vertex! This 10 on Tuesday is gonna kill my Rav queue.


I love Insoucient and Hayward by Julie Hoover. I've made them both and they're my most worn pieces of clothing.


Love the cable work in 'Market day'
A knitting pj day sounds good to me.

kathy b

That's way more sweaters than I have EVER attempted.

YOu are a great knitter in my book, if you can master sweaters.


Ravelry queue: GROWING!!

Melissa G

I think more in terms of designers, and so yes, Heidi Kirrmaier and Carol Sunday are on the list. Had to add Tweedysheep (the Enso with sleeves turned up!). But today my favorite sweater is the one I have on--the second I ever knit, a Norwegian yoked sweatshirty thing--because it is snowing.


A post that's dangerous for you AND me. You can never have too many sweaters. But you can have not enough space to store them.


That Beeline is pretty sweet and the others you've put up are quite nice! Oh to have more knitting time!


Great list! I love Heidi Kirrmaier's designs too. and you know my Market Jacket is a favorite sweater that was also fun to knit!

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