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A Brief Interlude

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Because I'm feeling in need of a brief interlude today.

Yesterday's events in Boston touched me profoundly.  Horrific and senseless violence is always disturbing.  But I can't quite shake what happened at the Boston Marathon.

As the spouse of a rather serious runner, I know what it's like to wait at the finish line.  In fact, I've waited at that very finish line. . .


You stand there, in the press of the crowd.  Watching.  Waiting.  Checking the time.  Looking.  Looking.  Checking the time.  Waiting.

And expecting . . . to celebrate and congratulate and support . . . once your particular runner crosses that finish line.

You don't expect exploisons.

My heart feels this one deeply.




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This one hits at the heart of who we are and feels very personal. It's no wonder you feel it deeply, Kym.
My local radio station is playing Simon & Garfunkel's "Look for America" while I watch footage of yesterday. The impact is heart-wrenching.


A young lady from here has run the Boston Marathon twice and both times her parents have stood in that exact spot. She wasn't running this year but it really brings the reality of what happened up close and personal. My sympathies to everyone involved.


So sad. I hope there are some answers/justice soon.


Changed forever. But the volunteers will be there next year. Senseless and scary. Dan was rattled, I think he called Doug three times!


you said it well. accomplishments - especially of a marathon magnitude - are meant to be celebrated. violence and fear have no part of that. it will be hard, but we need to keep celebrating the accomplishments!


You said it perfectly, my friend. It was a horrible thing and so hard for us to be away when it happened - trying to get news and checking on friends.

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