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I love to laugh, and I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.  In fact, here in our family, we (ahem) joke that "humor is our family value."  We laugh about the good things.  We make light of heavy situations.  We laugh about things that happen to us -- even when the things aren't funny.   We laugh at ourselves.  We laugh with each other.

Erin is a natural storyteller.

Brian is a master of sound effects and impressions.

Tom remembers every joke he's ever heard.  (Even really, really, really long ones.)

Me?  I can't remember a punch line to save my soul!

So.  I can't really take part in this week's Ten on Tuesday topic . . . 10 Favorite Jokes.  It's not that I don't like jokes.  (I do.)  It's just that I can't remember them once I've heard them!

So, instead of jokes . . . I'll give you three (sort of) funny things:

First, a photo.  (Another woodland creature in my garden.)


Second, a story.

When Brian was in first grade, Tom and I went in for a Parent-Teacher Conference.  Brian's first grade teacher was very young - bright and energetic, but very . . . serious.  Not much in the way of a sense of humor.  And Brian?  He was a rather Dennis-the-Menace kind of first grader . . . and always looking for a laugh.  This teacher (Miss S) looked at us acoss the table, very concerned, and explained that Brian often shared off-color jokes with the class. 

Uh oh, we thought. 
Cat's out of the bag, we thought.

Tom, putting on his Concerned Parent face, asked, "Can you give us an example?"

Miss S, a bit sheepish and with a blush, relayed that he had told this joke to the class recently:
Q:  What did the fish say when he hit a cement wall?
A:  Dam!

It was all Tom and I could do to keep from bursting out laughing.  (In fact, we may have.)  After a brief pause -- while Miss S collected herself and Tom and I glanced at each other -- Tom looked at Miss S and, in all seriousness asked her. . . "And how was his delivery?"

Third, the ONLY joke I can ever remember.

Q:  What did the grape say when the elephant sat on it?
A:  Nothing.  He just let out a little wiiiiiine!

How about YOU?  Know any good jokes?


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That's a great story about Brian! Dale and Tom would have a great time together, telling jokes and making each other laugh!


Cute story! I'm like you...I can't remember a joke ever. Well, except for a couple blond jokes. 2nd DS used to "collect" them when he was in high school and a couple stuck with me...


A sense of humor is the best attribute and mine was never honed. Your family must be a riot to be around!


We're pretty funny in our house, just ask us ;-) Get's you through the tough times. But telling a good joke...not a one of us.

Cheryl S.

Good story!


Cute story, I'll have to pass on the elephant joke, my grandson just had tonsils out and he needs a laugh.

kathy b

Okay that is too cute ! How was his delivery!!!

and the little WINE was new to me!

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