If I Had a Million Dollars. . .
And It Continues

Words in the Wild

The most-excellent bottle cap from Arrogant Bastard Ale (Stone Brewing Company). . .


Happy Wednesday!


Best News This Week:  My computer is ready and I can pick it up any time.  Which won't be until Friday. . . because my schedule is a bit tight this week.  But still.  I'm a Happy Camper.


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Yay for the computer!!
Here I though Utah came up with the best beer names, but Stone Brewing has hands down the best names!


Hooray for an updated computer! And you are TOTALLY worthy!


I dunno, Margene, Polygamy Porter makes me giggle every time...
My beer told me "Bravely done" the other day.


Mmmm...Stone Brewing Co. I just had an IPA from them over the weekend at a new place that just opened here. They have over 100 craft beers on tap...so many amazing choices.


Love the photo! Do they do mail order? *L*

Fabulous computer news! :D


Interesting beer name...
Yay for the computer!!

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