Garden Buddha: Harbinger of Spring
If I Had a Million Dollars. . .

The Evidence

Now that the snow is melting, I like to get out in my garden and check things out.  Usually I just walk around a bit . . . remembering; doing a little dreaming; a little scheming.

Yesterday, though, I decided to take it a step further.  I decided to Garden.

Sure.  It's barely above freezing here, and snow is still lingering in some parts of the yard.  But, well. . .  I'm itchy . . . and a little bit twitchy . . . to get to gardening.  Besides, NOW is a great time to start in with some pruning (except on those spring-blooming shrubs; don't prune those yet) and some of the clean-up chores.

As long as you can stand the cold, that is!

So I put on my winter jacket. 
And a wool hat. 
And a pair of fingerless mitts OVER my gardening gloves. 
Then I grabbed my pruners, and headed out for some time in the garden.

Yikes.  My fingers were frozen solid within 30 minutes!  But I did get some pruning and cleaning up done . . . at least in one corner of my backyard bed . . . before frostbite set in.

And guess what?



Even though snow is in the forecast this week (yeah; I know), it looks like spring IS coming.


I have proof!


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I saw the first little mint leaves yesterday, and the beginnings of the bleeding heart. Spring!


My crocus are barely ahead of yours (north facing side), but across the street in the full sun we have jonquils and daffodils in full bloom! There is no doubt winter will try to keep hold awhile longer, but I believe spring will win. Good for you in braving the cold!


Ok, so now I'm jealous! You've got green! And well, I've got...well not green that's for sure! ;)


I'm so glad that I have sedum planted in a place where I can't miss it -- it's always my first harbinger!!

kathy b

Hooray for proof!


We're nearly done with spring and soon we'll be in summer. :( (I feel about summer like you do about winter. Only I hate it even more.)


Hens and chicks? so cute!

Cheryl S.



I'm with Kitten. We have already had record breaking heat for spring (90 degrees) followed by 80's until today. Our last bit of cold (40 in the morning, 64 in the afternoon). They are predicting another hot an dry summer for Texas. The three year drought continues. I would love to go out, scoop back the snow and see lovely blooms. Thanks for posting that wonderful picture!


You want to work in a garden? Come over! It was in the 70s today and the mid-spring daffs are in full bloom.

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