Right Now . . . March 2013
A Barrel of Laughs

Safe Harbor

My weekend was a good one . . . full of sunshine, creativity, gardening, egg-dyeing, and birthday cake.  Today I must catch up with myself.

In the meantime, enjoy this moment in my garden from early last week.


Garden Buddha. . . friend to all.


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It takes a bit of doing to catch up after busy weekends. Your garden is full of peace (and surprise!).


Hi! sorry to be so long absent... hope your birthday was fabulous (and full of fun surprises) and that your computer is back and fixed. know you're excited about spring - hope it really has arrived (finally!). happy April!


I am exhausted today! I could have used a day off!


Welcome to April Garden Buddah and Kym! And what Carole said - Easter was way more exhausting than it should have been!


Umm, Happy Birthday! How'd I miss it? Hope your day was a good one. :D

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