Heavy Load: A Ten on Tuesday Riff
A Little Break

Plan B

Okay.  So I got my beloved computer to the Apple store in Grand Rapids yesterday.  Through a near-blizzard, just to make things even more convenient.  And , really, it's all going to be just fine.  But it is going to be several days before I get My Precious back.

I miss it.

But mostly, I am amazed at how ill-prepared I am to live without it. 

Take blogging, for example.

I had plans for the stories I wanted to tell on the blog this week.  A little baby sweater I knit.  A couple more interesting tidbits from the Flower Show.  A cute little Spring card I scanned. 

But I forgot something.

I forgot that my photos are on my Mac.  And that they are on my backup drive.  Which is only formatted for a Mac.  And that my laptop - the only computer I have at my disposal at present - is Not a Mac.

So.  I have no good access to my pictures. 

But that's okay.  Because . . . I have no photo editor right now, either. 

What I do have is a Windows laptop that I use to access the computer network at my office.  There isn't much on it.  Just what I need for work.  

My planned blog posts will have to wait.  For now, you get . . .

Plan B!



(Thanks iPhone Hipstamatic . . . for being easy to deal with on my computer that isn't a Mac.)


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Jane Cochran

Good plan! Hooray for Hipstamatic!


Smart people work with Plan B! Did you have a little cheese with your w(h)ine?


It's kind of like when the electricity goes out and you start thinking about all the stuff you can't do! Hope you get it back sooner than they said!


I think you need to get friendlier with your laptop as being dependent on any one type of anything is not very good for us! :)


Computer withdrawal...no fun. Hope the w(h)ine helped a little. ;)

kathy b

I run into the same picture problem with my Mac when I have only the ipad etc......
Hang in there


Fingers crossed your baby returns sooner rather than later. Have you tried the Typepad app? I've heard mixed reviews but it might be an idea should something ever happen again.


hope all goes well with your repair! and kudos for having any sort of backup plan (oh, and you need to try instagram!)

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