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One Little Word Wednesday


Last month, our assignment for One Little Word was to create a "vision board" inspired by our word.   A "vision board" is, essentially, a visual intention -- a collection of images and words of what you'd like to invite into your life.

I have created many "vision boards" over the years -- in many forms.  Scrapbook collections of images and phrases I particularly like.  Bulletin boards of inspiring photos and quotes.  Collages of ideas.  (Before there was Pinterest. . . there were "vision boards!")

I had a great time with this project.  I gathered some magazines and my scissors, and I let the images and words shout out at me.  Then I mod-podged it all onto a 16 x 20 canvas from Michaels. 

Here's what I ended up with (click the photo to see it even bigger):


The process was therapeutic.  The just-looking (not reading).  The cutting out.  The deciding.  The gluing-it-down.


I loved the whole "old-school" nature of the project.

And I love what surfaced in all that cutting and pasting.




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Thoughtful and theraputic. Time well spent!


This looks like a fun project with lots of potential and surprise! There is SO much to see and it's full of excitement and joy!


That's awesome. I used to love making collages like that. I had a giant "C" that I made and hung on the wall of my dorm room - oh the memories!


Creative projects like that are so relaxing yet invigorating at the same time! :)


I love a good collage project -- especially one like this!!


What fun! and a dying art -- so many fewer magazines hitting the mailbox these days.


Love it!

kathy b

the beauty of a second chance!!!!! I love it


oh I LOVE It!!! surprise for sure! those images work great with the words... oh! and I think it all beats Pinterest by more than miles! (and you have to let me know what magazines you clipped from...I want a better stash of images when I do this again!)

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