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One Little Word Wednesday

Oh, March. How Do I Love Thee?

March is a very fickle month. 

The weather is a total crap shoot.  Could be winter-like; could be summer-like.  It is an ugly time of year (in Michigan, anyway).  Dirty snow piles; pot holes; rusted-off mufflers on the side of the road; dead everything.  Too much basketball.

And yet . . .

I'm always delighted when it's March!


How come . . . you ask?  Well, here are 10 Reasons I'm Happy It's March:

  1. The very word . . . MARCH . . . is full of movement.  Forward movement!
  2. More daylight.  I just feel so much more productive when there is more light in my day.
  3. Melting.  All around, the snow piles are melting.  (And even if when it snows again, it won't stick around for long.)
  4. Earthy smells.  When the snow starts to melt, the air smells so good.
  5. Emerging things.  Daffodils.  Crocus.  Hellebores.  (Can't wait!)
  6. Walking on dry pavement.  (The ice layer is beginning to recede.)
  7. Bird joy!  It's everywhere, suddenly.
  8. Gardening conferences and workshops.  There are so many to choose from in March!
  9. Spring cleaning.  I actually like sifting through and sorting out the heavy "detritus" of winter . . . to make room for a fresh, new season.
  10. My birthday!  Some things never change -- and I've always looked forward to my birthday. . . waaaay out there. . . at the very end of March.

How about you?  Why are YOU happy it's March?


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Spring is in the air even if it's barely there! I'm on the look out for red winged blackbirds now. And spring peepers!


ALL of the above! Yes, March is the month of renewal and reward. March is also full of SURPRISE! This is the month you'll really surprise yourself!


I need to be excited by spring cleaning...it's usually fall by the time I get around to it!


It's my birthday this month too! I wish it was melting here...we just got several inches of new snow so it is brilliantly white yet again. But, DH always says early Easter, early spring. I hope he's right!


Oh, your list is great. We don't have the seasonal birds out here in California, but we do have the Spring flowers and I love them. I especially love your number five.

kathy b

going to see my girl in Virginia this month!


Yep, I just like how it sounds! And for most of the other reasons you listed. It's SPRING!!!


I get a lot of satisfaction from spring cleaning, too!


ha! March is fickle weather-wise...even here in Georgia we've had snow (and a huge storm that stopped everything...mid 1990's). I am with you about more daylight, and the birds (I'm pretty sure the ones I've seen will be flying back to your yard soon). happy March!!

Sharon R

All of the above, including #10: My birthday!! Oh, and I meant to tell you that I saw crocuses pushing up on February 5!! I don't think I've ever seen them that early!

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