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Not-At-All-Wordless on Wednesday

A lot of bloggers practice "Wordless Wednesday."  I love Wordless Wednesday posts!  They're such a wonderful way to highlight and celebrate the power of The Image; telling a whole story with just one photo.  No words.

I've done a few Wordless Wednesday posts myself.  But my personal challenge tends to be . . . not saying something.  Words creep in.  (It's My Way, I'm afraid.)

In fact, a lot of times, words creep into my images!  Recently, I was looking through my "camera roll" on my iPhone, and I realized that . . . I take a lot of photos of words.  Words . . . out in the wild. 

So I've decided that, from time to time, on Wednesdays, I'm going to share "Words in the Wild."  Sort of wordless.  But not really.  (No.  Not really at all.)


Happy Wednesday!



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Will be looking forward to your almost wordless Wednesdays! 2nd DS takes pictures of signs etc that catch his fancy. He's found some interestingly worded advertisements that he will then text to me. :)


My new motto! Follow your folly. Love it and love the idea of Words in the Wild.


Somehow reading these few words over and over allows me to focus, which is something my post-menopausal brain has really been lacking. "Follow your folly" initially sounds good and possibly fun, but is probably a bad idea for me in the long run given that foolishness often works out poorly. Thanks for the opportunity for some focused thought; I really look forward to more "Words in the Wild"!


What a great idea! You always get us thinking Kym!


I love this idea! I'm going to do it next Wednesday, I have the perfect photo for it.

kathy b

Love FOllow your Folly

It is a new one for me!
so true so precious so important


No point in fighting who you are. ;^)

Now to wait for the fakers to copy you because they can't do their own thing. *L*

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