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Just What I Needed

It's always tough to be a gardener in Michigan . . . come March. 

It's the time of year when you're itchin' to get out there.  In the dirt.  Digging.  You just can't wait to have dirt under your nails again.  To drag hoses around.   To pull some weeds.

But, alas.  Spring is a tease.  It's still freezing cold here.  With snow in the forecast.

What's a gardener to do?

Get thee to a flower show!


The Chicago Flower & Garden Show never disappoints.


Even though it's inside a cavernous exhibition hall deep within Navy Pier, it smells like . . . SPRING . . . as soon as you step inside.


Flowers and trees and streams . . . everywhere you look.  (And, sure.  Don't you want to have waterfalls streaming from horns in YOUR garden?  Yeah.  Some of the ideas are WAY Over the Top.  But it's a show.  Anything goes!)

There is whimsy . . .


(I'm pretty sure this little sod-dog was the Most Photographed Display at the whole show.)

There is fun . . .


(This pelican water "fountain" was in a tiny little water feature in a bowl that could fit on any patio or deck.)

There are new plant offerings. . .


(This one is a Dwarf Japanese White Pine.)

There are OVER the TOP "tablescapes". . .


(Perfect if you never want to actually see or converse with your dinner companions!)

There is "plant-art". . .


(My photos cannot do justice to the moss gardens on display.  They were truly beautiful.)

There are things to buy. . .


(Like these earrings . . . made of real boxwood leaves and dipped in copper . . . that made it home with me!  That's the jewelry artist there, in the background.)

And there are things to learn. . .


(I went to a workshop on building patios with pavers.  Lucky Tom.)

Mostly, though, there is Inspiration. . .


From the Very Practical . . .


To the Wouldn't This Be Cool?. . .


To color combinations and plant groupings that excite . . .


A day at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show ... was Just What I Needed!





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You can't help but bring back spring in your heart and a spring in your step after soaking up all that inspiration! You must be bursting with ideas!


Oh! Thank you! I really needed your colorful/cheerful pictures today. Beautiful.


Beautiful! I'm itching to get outside a bit soon as well!

Cheryl S.

Looks like it was a lot of fun! The earrings are fabulous. I really like the moss and succulent wall gardens I've been seeing online, but I have a feeling they'd be a bit too hard to maintain in my climate.

Melissa G

Sweet earrings! Still thinking about peas and now pansies & alyssum (love the honey smell).


There's nothing like a garden show! I have a pair of copper-dipped leaf earrings -- mine are little gingko leaves and I *LOVE* them!

I really love that tiered planter thingy!!

kathy b

I couldnt go so I appreciate your post so very much.

AHHH the dreary days of March...yuck yuck yuck. IF i get through this month I can get through any of them better


Looks awesome and I know just what you mean about the smell!


Oh, what fun! I could actually see myself doing that horn-fountain thing. (Please do not laugh at me -- seeing the photo reminded me of all the fun I had in h.s. band.)


Oh, honey, I've got all the weeds you could ever want... just waiting for someone...

What a fabulous show! Thank you for sharing with us. So many great ideas, so many cleaver people behind the scenes, so little time! Love those waterlily votive holders with the bird fountain.


looks like a lovely day. especially enjoy seeing it through your lens. hope warmer weather is coming your way soon!

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