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If I Had a Million Dollars. . .


As soon as I read Carole's email about this week's Ten on Tuesday topic. . . this song just flew into my head. . .


I never buy lottery tickets.

But Tom does.

Only when the jackpot is pie-in-the-sky high, though.

And then he usually buys $20 worth of tickets.

And we talk about what we would do if we won.


Here's our list. . . Ten Things We'd Do If We Won the Big Powerball Jackpot:

  1. Quit our jobs.  (Hands down.  We would walk away.)
  2. Pay off our mortgage.  (Which is, truth be told, almost paid off anyway.)
  3. Take an extended luxury trip to New Zealand.  (Like. . . right now.)
  4. Set up trust funds for our kids.  With strings.  (Sorry guys.  We think life shouldn't be TOO easy.)
  5. Start a private foundation.  (Because there would be a whole lot left, at this point.)
  6. Start our own microbrewery.  (Wouldn't that be perfect?)
  7. Hire Brian and Erin and Keith to run it.  (And wouldn't that be fun?)
  8. Travel.
  9. Travel more.
  10. Travel even more.

How about YOU?  What would YOU do . . . if you won the PowerBall Lottery?


This week's topic also reminded me of a great, lottery movie:  Waking Ned Devine.  It's quite delightful, and definitely worth a watch!


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GREAT list! (and yes, travel travel travel!!)


I have a hard time with this subject as I truly never, never dream about winning. It's just TOO pie-in-the-sky. But, I would do about the same as you. I'd be hanging out in your brewery as soon as it was open so you better have GF beer, ON TAP! XOXO


Lots of travel would be on my itinerary too. I don't buy tickets either, but my hubby does. Haven't won yet...


We would quit our jobs too. In today's economy, it would be so selfish to work when the income is not needed.


A brewery, what a great idea! Create jobs and create something entirely worthwhile.


What a wonderful list. I love dreaming...


I love that movie and I love that song, too! Your list is perfect and quite similar to mine, not surprisingly. I'm all for that brewery!


That song is the best one I've heard in a long long time, made me smile - great dreaming


I don't buy tickets either but DH does like Tom...only when the winnings are sky high. :)
Can't imagine that DH would give up farming even if he had money to spare. I on the other hand would be more than happy to retire.

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