Words in the Wild
Right Now . . . March 2013

And It Continues


Not snow.

And not complaints about my computer being gone.

But this.


It's the ChapStick thing.  I'm having a hard time letting go.

Last week I stopped in at The Body Shop to pick up a few things.  (And to spend my $10 "birthday gift" coupon they sent me in the mail.) I was drawn (like a moth to a flame, Erin!) to the lip gloss section.  I ended up with these two

Note:  These lip glosses are pricey.  $10 each.  (Although I just noticed that they're on sale on this week for $7.50 on The Body Shop website.)  I used my coupon to get one of them, but then couldn't decide on just one color, so ended up with both.  I hate when marketing ploys work on me  like that.

Anyway.  These are more gloss-like than balm-like.  They add a nice shine to your lips without feeling heavy or gloppy (although initially it seemed like it would be gloppy; I was pleasantly surprised once I actually wore it).  It lasts a long time, feels light after you've got it on, and doesn't have a flavor.  Not being a lipstick-wearer (ahem), I like the hint of color I get from the peach-ish one (not detected by Tom at all).  These are just nice glosses if you're going for a little glam!

And then there's this one. . .


As you remember from my ChapStick Challenge, one of my new favorites is the Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner . . . sadly, discontinued by Aveeno.  I've been snapping them up whenever I see them in stores, though, and I even ordered some online.  I have quite a supply, and they should last for awhile.  (As you can see, I'm mostly finding them in the Clearance aisles these days.)

And, lastly, I give you a Tale of a Satisfied Customer.

Brian was home for his spring break last week.  When he arrived, he complained about a pretty intense crack in his lip that "just wouldn't heal" and claimed "I've tried everything."

I handed him a tube of this. . .


(Because, of course, he hadn't tried everything.)

His lip was greatly improved in one day; completely healed in two.

He took the tube back to school with him,

Hurray for the ChapStick Challenge!  But, really.  I need to let it go.