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Right Now . . . March 2013

And It Continues


Not snow.

And not complaints about my computer being gone.

But this.


It's the ChapStick thing.  I'm having a hard time letting go.

Last week I stopped in at The Body Shop to pick up a few things.  (And to spend my $10 "birthday gift" coupon they sent me in the mail.) I was drawn (like a moth to a flame, Erin!) to the lip gloss section.  I ended up with these two

Note:  These lip glosses are pricey.  $10 each.  (Although I just noticed that they're on sale on this week for $7.50 on The Body Shop website.)  I used my coupon to get one of them, but then couldn't decide on just one color, so ended up with both.  I hate when marketing ploys work on me  like that.

Anyway.  These are more gloss-like than balm-like.  They add a nice shine to your lips without feeling heavy or gloppy (although initially it seemed like it would be gloppy; I was pleasantly surprised once I actually wore it).  It lasts a long time, feels light after you've got it on, and doesn't have a flavor.  Not being a lipstick-wearer (ahem), I like the hint of color I get from the peach-ish one (not detected by Tom at all).  These are just nice glosses if you're going for a little glam!

And then there's this one. . .


As you remember from my ChapStick Challenge, one of my new favorites is the Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner . . . sadly, discontinued by Aveeno.  I've been snapping them up whenever I see them in stores, though, and I even ordered some online.  I have quite a supply, and they should last for awhile.  (As you can see, I'm mostly finding them in the Clearance aisles these days.)

And, lastly, I give you a Tale of a Satisfied Customer.

Brian was home for his spring break last week.  When he arrived, he complained about a pretty intense crack in his lip that "just wouldn't heal" and claimed "I've tried everything."

I handed him a tube of this. . .


(Because, of course, he hadn't tried everything.)

His lip was greatly improved in one day; completely healed in two.

He took the tube back to school with him,

Hurray for the ChapStick Challenge!  But, really.  I need to let it go.



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I liked the look of the Eos balm you tried and was delighted it was available on amazon.co.uk I bought the mint for me, Caitlin and my pal Julia, we love it! The Nivea you didn't like is different to the one I get here, the mint is gently flavoured and very smooth and my fav daily balm, ie in every bag and the pocket of all coats,


Hurray for Aquaphor! I love it best. BTW, I tried Pangea (the GF balm) and hated it! My lips peal and feel dry almost as soon as I have it on. It's one I'll never buy again. I might try Body Shop just to feel the glam. :)


A moth...to a flame. Some days I miss forensics! The Chapstick thing sounds addictive. I know I'd have problems quitting. :)


The other day I was in a pharmacy looking for some lip healer for Joe who needed it urgently and spotted your favorite Aveeno with a brother: This one is blue instead of green and it is called: Intense Relief Therapy. To my quite indiscriminating lips it feels quite similar to the green except a stronger minty sting to it.


With spring should come less of a need for lip healing, right? Then we'll need to look at the ones with sunscreen for the summer!


I've become an Eos fan now myself thank-you! And Doug would be lost without Aquaphor. Are the kids at the pharmacy calling you the "lip balm lady"???

Cheryl S.

I tried the Eos (Honeysuckle), and loved the cute packaging and the smell. But sadly, it dries my lips and makes them feel sticky. (Sometimes Chapstick has the same effect on me.) Kind of weird. But then, I can't wear normal lipstick because it makes my lips peel. I nearly bought some Aquaphor when I was shopping with my mom a few days ago. Maybe I'll give that a try. Besides Carmex, one of my favorite lip balms has been the ones that Margene's sister makes.


Well, you've got me doing it too now...I bought a Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. Just remember...our lips are loving us! :)


Yeah, I keep seeing ones I've tried (like the fancy schmancy one in the facials line from the massage place I go) and wondering if you've tried them, and I do find myself marveling in the middle of the night about how I can still feel the Neutrogena even though it's been hours...


Now I need to get to the Body Shop! ("If Kym jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too." Probably...)


Our Margene has a sister that makes lip stuff?! How did we not know this?!

May I blame you for my sudden (sick) need to find a lip product that goes with my orange handbag? *L* The pink EOS doesn't quite work nor does the yellow of Burt and his Bees. ;^)

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