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A Winter Diversion: The ChapStick Challenge - Epilogue

Here we are, at the end of my ChapStick Challenge.  I've had a lot of fun trying out new "lip health" products over the last month.  Some I've really liked.  Some . . . not so much.  In the end, here are my new favorites:


For fun . . . the eos sphere in "sweet mint."

For overnight . . . Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy.

For general, all-purpose daytime lip balm. . . Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner -- the apparently discontinued product.  (Not to worry, though -- I just ordered a 6-pack online!  I should be good for a while.)

For long-lasting moisture (like during a hard workout). . . Blistex Moisture Melt.

And . . . what's that other product?  There in back?  Why. . . something new!


Last week, a friend (and professional flute player, so she really knows her lip products!) brought me a tube of this stuff.  It's heavenly!  A bit pricey --- and not available locally in my neck of the woods (although available online from several distributors) -- this oversized tube of lip balm goodness  smells great, doesn't have a flavor, feels nice and smooth on the lips, and lasts for a long time.  I love it!  (It's gluten-free, too.)

And that just goes to show you that this winter diversion could go on for a long, long time!  There are so many lip balm products out there to choose from.  Really, I've only just scratched the surface.  Maybe we'll do this again NEXT winter!

And CONGRATULATIONS to Marilyn -- winner of my ChapStick Challenge comment contest!  An exciting prize package of (you guessed it) lip balm will be headed Marilyn's way soon.  (Marilyn is a Burt's Bees fan -- and that's a strong endorsement coming from Marilyn, who puts up with brutal North Dakota winters and doesn't need to mess around with chapped lips!)

Thanks to all of you for playing along on my ChapStick Challenge.  It's been a fun - and moisturizing! - adventure.


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No I want to try all the lip balms over on the Pangea website. The flavors sound wonderful and yummy, plus the GF label seals the deal. My lips need extra help, something that stays. Time to go shopping with Kym's endorsements as a guide!


This was fun! Congratulations Marilyn!


It was lovely while it lasted and congrats to your winner - she really needs all the lip help she can get in her corner of our world.


I went to CVS last Friday and bought Carmex and 2 eos spheres (one tangerine and one honeysuckle) and a Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. It's all your fault!


Thanks so much, Kym! I'll love trying whatever you send me...it'll be my own little ChapStick Challenge. :D


Thanks to you I've been slathering Aquaphor on anything that sits still for longer than four seconds. (DH might finally get rid of those dry patches on his hands...)

kathy b

Haha Its been very fun KYM to follow along. SMooch!


This was so much fun to follow along with!

Working from home for a few days (winter storm warning, bad roads) so I haven't made it to Target yet. Soon...


Congratulations, Marilyn!

Thanks, Kym, for going on this wonderful fact finding mission and for taking us all along for the ride. I'm already thinking you should do this every year. New products and all...

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

Hurrah for Marilyn! The winner of a little March Madness of your own making. ; )

Diana Troldahl

That Lavender Cardamom balm sounds lovely, I went right over to buy it then saw the first ingredient...sigh....sunflower oil. Just as well, the last ingredient is orange oil... all my greatest hits on the allergy list LOL

Melissa G

Catching up: we just discovered Aquaphor. Yes, it's been around but...when a sample with 30 SPF presented itself (with $1.00 off coupon) I had to try. This stuff protected and healed my sons' chapped lips while skiing and they continue to use it (me too).

Thanks, and congrats to Marilyn!

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