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One Little Word(less) Wednesday

Those Were the Days!


Ah.   Childhood.   The days that lasted forever.  Simple pleasures.  No worries.   Just . . . growing and playing!


Today, Carole asks us What We Miss From Our Childhood.  Here's what I miss:

1.    Recess.  Three times a day!

2.    Weekly library time.  And checking out books will the little cards tucked in front.

3.     Saturday morning cartoons.  Bonus points for those times my Mom let us eat our cereal in front of the TV!

4.    Building tents with blankets. We used to make awesome blanket tents over the clothesline in the backyard.  I loved having a secret hideaway. . . for Just Us Kids.

5.    Trick-or-treating.  I loved having my own stash of candy.  I used to try to stretch it til Thanksgiving, at least.


6.    Ballet class.  Loved my toe shoes best of all!

7.    Staying up late on Friday nights with my Mom.  We watched old movies while my Dad had model railroading nights (and my sister always conked out by 9:00).

8.     Jacks, hopscotch, and Double-Dutch.  My all-time favorite outdoor pastimes.

9.    Running for "Mr. Frosty."  I got rather frantic at the thought of a Bomb-Pop from the ice cream truck!

10.    Faith in the Cubs.  Yeah.  Right.

Kym at age 11 1970

How about YOU?  What do you miss from your childhood?


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Great list! Love the old photos.


Everyone's lists remind me of the good things about being a child. I miss my bike and how I often rode until dark. Oh my, how I loved that thing and still remember the day my Dad taught me to ride.


Watching "Lassie" on Sunday nights. Playing outside in the summer in my playhouse.
Carefree...no worries. Why is it that I was in such a rush to be a grownup??


Great list! I'm right there with you on the late night TV watching. The best part was that you didn't have to be up early the next morning for anything.

kathy b

love the Cubs comment


Your list is awesome and hooray for trips to the library! We visited during school and my mom would take me to the public library one afternoon a week, too. It's no wonder I wound up wanting to spend my adult working life there, too!


That's an excellent list! I loved going to the library too, and ended up bring home a pile of books, which got read and returned for more - and always on time!


I should have put the library too! And the sitting around all day and reading. Those were the days. Love the pictures and the bandaid!


great list! I ran out of room on mine! lol


I don't miss much; I hugely prefer being a grown-up. But Saturday morning cartoons were pretty fine.


Great list! We didn't do double dutch, but we did jump rope almost every recess (unless we played hopscotch). I can still recite most of the jump rope chants, which my husband finds weird.


I love your list! I was crazy for jacks!


I miss falling asleep to the sound of my parents' voices in the living room. I miss the feeling of safety that always gave me.


what a great list - jealous that you were friends with your sister as kids. we didn't figure that out til we were married mama's. but oh well. I like to think we make up for it now.

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