A Winter Diversion: The ChapStick Challenge - Week 4
Right Now . . . February 2013

So Over You


Oh, Winter.  It's been nice.  Really.  It has been.  I like all the snow and all.  But, Winter?


I'm so OVER you!

Today, we're talking about Ten Reasons We're Ready for Winter to be OVER.

  1. Ice.  I'm tired of teetering around on the ice.
  2. Dryness.  Chapped hands. Dry heels. Hangnails.  (Notice, though.  I do NOT have chapped lips!)
  3. Darkness.  Although it's improving every day, I'm still craving more daylight.
  4. Static.  Seems there are sparks everywhere!
  5. Crusty car.  My car is always covered with salt and sand and dirt and slush.
  6. Outerwear.  I'm tired of boots and coats and mittens and hats and scarves.
  7. I want to garden.
  8. I want fresh herbs.
  9. I want to sit outside and sip wine and watch the fireflies.
  10. I want to wear flip flops.

(And now I'm sort of sad.  Because we have another Winter Storm Advisory today.)


How about you?  Are you . . .  so over winter????


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I'm so with you!! flipflops and drinks on the deck. can't wait!


I'm with you, the snow isn't the bad part it's the COLD and GRAY and I'm so over IT. Please let me warm my bones in the sun soon.


Pretty shot - but let's say buh-buh to this crap!


Am I the only one?!? really?


The only good thing I can think about winter right now is this...it makes us appreciate spring and summer so much more! :)


I forgot about the daylight thing. I am much happier now that I leave work while it's still light outside!


Oh, yeah, so over...


Oh, how I would like to have a clean, shiny car. I 'think' it was a red car?


I want to sit outside too. Desperately, with a nice glass of wine and somebody or nobody but definitely with Mr. Sunshine.


You know I am! It's actually fairly mild here today and I'm loving it. Of course, there will be snow again soon, I'm sure.


Winter has overstayed its welcome, but it sure makes for some lovely pictures.


I AM over it! I can't wait to sit outside with fresh produce for dinner and a lovely glass of vino!


See, where I am, winter is when we get the produce and can sit outside. Also, that last pic...you live in Narnia?
Also also, now I have neutrogena and Aquaphor on my nightstand. If you start reviewing mechanical pencils, I will know I fell into a tardis and went back to my college days.

kathy b

Not yet ..surprisingly IM happy to see the snow. Its rainy dreary march that gets me soooo down. BUt snow, I love.

I am tired of dry cracking hands
I miss my garden plants


Actually, no. I think it is because we have had enough fresh snow all winter to keep everything pretty.

Yeah, I'm shallow...

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