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It is Friday

Just a Little Get-Away

The other day, I got this little publication in my mailbox.


It's a very high-quality, catalogue-style travel brochure from National Geographic.

Now, I'm not in the market for an expedition-style vacation.  But.  Travel!  Pretty pictures!  I peeked inside.

There are LOTS of fabulous National Geographic trips to choose from.  There are cruises, adventures, safaris, photography "camps," family excursions.  You can take some sort of National Geographic vacation to ANY corner of the world.  Cuba.  Myanmar.  Alaska.  Galapagos.  Scandinavia.  The Holy Land.  Panama.  ANYwhere.

You can even take THIS trip. . .


Yes.  You can travel AROUND THE WORLD with National Geographic.


An "extraordinary journey" . . . by PRIVATE JET!

I had to look . . .


Yes.  That's $74,950!  (Per person.  Double occupancy.  It's ANOTHER $8,650 for a single room.  In case you were wondering.)  And this does NOT include airfare to/from London (where the tour starts/ends).

I don't know about you, but that is just . . . mind-boggling to me.

So mind-boggling that I just had to share.

And that's all I have to say about that.



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And that's how the 1% do it.


Wow! o.0 And that's all I have to say too!


In my dreams!


Well at least there's a donation involved! :-)


Just to think that they went to the time/expense of planning that trip! Maybe there is a market out there for that! Let me buy a Powerball ticket!



Do you think the basic cost of a mere ticket to London will make any difference to someone that can afford that trip fare?

Next you can check how much those trips to the space cost! :)

But what I am wondering is where will that planned trip you mentioned yesterday is going to take you in a few months?

kathy b

Reminds me of the Neimen Marcus Holiday catalog


If I win the lottery I will send you two tickets...note to self: start buying lottery tickets...


It does boggle the mind... and is the stuff that dreams are made of!! Wouldn't it be nice.


OMG! I LOVE that catalog! So many wonderful trips to fabulous places.

Ya know, the bump for going as a single isn't that bad when you think about it. I mean for a trip that's a down payment on a house. *L*

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