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A Winter Diversion: The ChapStick Challenge - Week 2


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New snow is so beautiful and pure. Moxie is overwhelmed by new snow, but Jennie seems to be in her element! Enjoy your weekend!!


Beautiful snow! I can't wait to wake up to the same view tomorrow morning :-)I hope you and Jenny have a wonderful reunion!


That storm has sure picked up some punch since leaving here... Happy weekend!!


Isn't fresh new snow pretty? Love it! Possible snow for us this weekend too...we'll see if it happens or not.
Jenny is looking good. Is she allowed to jump and run now?


That's NOTHING compared to what's headed our way! LOL. I'm glad he wasn't flying into Boston as they've cancelled all flights - that won't have an impact on Tom's flight, I hope.

kathy b

Adorable Lab nose. The Westminster dog show is coming!


Aww, Jenny will be thrilled, no doubt! We are currently being socked by the same storm here in Southern Ontario. It's the most snow we've seen in three years. So pretty!


Such pretty snow on the evergreens, and Jenny looks in fine form for a welcoming commmittee.

Have a great weekend!


So beautiful. Thanks for the photo of my Jenny. So nice to see her out in the snow. Stay warm and have a lovely weekend.


Happy Weekend! that snow will certainly make Tom feel at home ... Jenny, too!

Cheryl S.

Very pretty!

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