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Dirty Little Secret

. . . because sometimes it's just a good idea to Come Clean. . .

I love jewelry.  I have a giant, standing jewelry case in my room.


And because I am Alway in a Hurry, and because I am Always Looking for the Right Earring, my jewelry case tends to be . . .


a bit of a mess.

Let's rephrase that.



(And, as you might notice, it's really the TOP and most-accessible section that is the Real Problem here.  I tend to ignore the drawers, and pile everything in the top section when I am Always in a Hurry.)

Last weekend, things had reached a frustrating, Critical Point in the jewelry selection department.  I decided to Do Something About It.

I cleaned house.


I sorted.  I thinned out.  I organized.


So. Much. Better.

I found things I hadn't even remembered I had!  I found loose buttons.  I found a missing, beloved earring.  I found my high school class ring.  And my Tri-Delt pin.  Amazing things.

I even found enough change for a cup of coffee!


Any guesses how long this will last?


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I hope you took yourself for a treat the minute you were finished!
You'll be extra careful until the next time you're.in.a.hurry. Maybe tomorrow?


Nice! I've got this rocking chair that I can't always find in my room! ;-)


:-) that post title on V-day - I was expecting something a bit.more.racy than a messy jewelry box! you can certainly keep it up. tell yourself it takes only 5 seconds to put the pieces back where they belong...FIVE seconds! (I did a major overhaul of my jewelry when I moved and four months later...it's still organized and I'm really enjoying knowing where to find everything - I've actually worn a lot more of it, too, which is a nice benefit).


Ha! You were a Tri-Delt? I was a Kappa! (We used to refer to the TriDelts as "bubbly but deep".)


I reorganized mine a while back and it stayed neat for quite some time. Good luck!

Sharon R

Ha! You know that it won't last! No, I'm not being a pessimist, just a realist. I reorganized my jewellery not long ago and it lasted about a month. Until I had an event and took out almost every piece of jewellery trying to find the right combo. Running late, I just dumped everything back in a total mess. Oh, well...


Did you find a square tulip necklace? Because I can't find mine and I've run out of places to look. :?

I'm so proud of you! I think you'll start slipping by Easter. Weather warms up and life gets busier, yes?


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