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Communications 101

Take a trip with me in the Way-Back Machine . . .

When communications were basic -- simple, thoughtful, and more leisurely.  (Yeah.  And we also had to walk to school.  Every day.  Uphill.  Through snow deeper than your rooftops.  In sub-zero temperatures.  Both ways.)

Anyway.  Back then. . . we wrote letters.  And sent them through the mail.  And waited for a response.  And wrote back.

Before the advent of email (really, think about it, mid-90s!) and IM (early 00s) and Facebook (mid 00s) and Ravelry (2007) and smart phones (late 00s) . . . we communicated through the mail.  It wasn't even called "snail mail" back then.  Just . . . mail.

I loved waiting for the mail to come every day.  Maybe I'd get a letter . . .

When I was in college, I wrote letters home.  And home wrote me letters back.  We rarely called on the phone -- because long distance was expensive back then!  Tom and I went to different colleges in different states . . . and kept up our relationship with letters.  For a whole year!


(Letters that both of us have saved, by the way.)

I still like to get a surprise card or note in my mailbox.  It just doesn't happen very often anymore, and I really don't pay much atttention to whether the mail has come today . . . or not.

Until February!  Now that February is the Month of Letters, I look forward to the postal truck every day -- picking up my mail.  And, from time to time, delivering some mail for me.


Read about the Month of Letters challenge here -- and think about joining in.  February is a great month for a challenge -- and this one is fun and easy and surprisingly enjoyable!

I'm ready . . .


for a more basic and simple form of communicating!  I call it . . . Communications 101.



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You put it so perfectly! I'm in!


Love your post, Kym. I'm so excited and will start watching my mailbox once again. February is such a great month and MoL is another reason why.


Keep those cards and letters coming! Or this case, flowing! I love stamps, cards, notepaper, pens.

kathy b

Aww I love REAL mail too


Wonderful post!

Real mail is such a wonderful treat.


thank you again for the reminder... this is such a wonderful way to make a few smiles!

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