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A Winter Diversion: The ChapStick Challenge - Week 2

Here we are . . . it's Week 2 of my ChapStick Challenge.  This week, I've been using several products from the Blistex line.


Blistex is another one of those companies that has been around for a long, long time (since 1947, in fact), and almost feels "local" (with headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois), with what seems like a million different products.  I've never really used Blistex lip balms, though.  I remember trying the regular, old Blistex back in my Bonne Belle days . . . and thinking it was all too "medicated" in flavor.  I never tried it again -- preferring (at the time) to the sickeningly-sweet Bonne Belle Strawberry.

But, that day in Walgreen's, it was the Blistex Deep Renewal that first caught my eye.


The packaging screamed out its "anti-aging" message. . . so I took a look.  And. . . how could I resist a product featuring "Coenzyme Q-10"???  Really.  The "gold standard for moisture and overall revitalization."  (Who knew?)  It also promoted something called "hyaluronic filling spheres" (which, apparently, "help give lips a fuller appearance"). 

But, wait!  There's more. . .

Blistex Deep Renewal also includes "vitamin-collagen anti-oxidant complex."  Yep.  And "light refractors" and sun protection (SPF 15).  All of this to promote "lip luster," "youthfulness," and "lasting lip health."

Oh, yeah, Baby!  One little $2.99 tube of glorified chapstick will give you ALL THAT.  I had to try it.

And y'know what?  I actually like it.  It goes on smooth.  It lasts a long time.  It feels light.  It rolls up kind of like a lipstick.  I can't really tell if it's enhancing my "lip luster" or giving my lips a "fuller appearance" -- but it's getting the job done when it comes to keeping my lips moisturized.  The only down side . . . there is a "flavor."  I'm not sure what the flavor IS exactly, but it's there -- and I'm not sure that I like it enough to make this my go-to lip balm, but it is definitely in the running.

Then. . . I tried this one from Blistex. . .


Yes.  A "cold and allergy" formula.  A lip balm that is specifically designed to be used when you're sick (or suffering from allergies) . . . or suffering from extremely dry lips.  This one is actually "infused with Vitamins C & E, Green Tea, Elderberry, Chamomile and Honey."    It's supposed to "restore health to irritated lips."

I thought it might do the trick after I damaged my lips so badly with the Classic ChapStick products from last week.

I will say that it glides on smoothly, and feels nice and light on the lips.  It may actually have helped my ChapStick-damaged lips heal!  It smells pretty medicated, but less menthol-y than regular Blistex.  I think it's . . . okay.  Again, I'm just not sold on the flavor.

(I do have to share the disclaimer on the packaging.  It actually says this," Does not treat congestion or other systemic symptoms accompanying allergies, colds, and flue, but rather lip discomfort or dryness issues that can accompnay these conditions.")

I also tried regular, old Blistex. . .


The smell and flavor is still . . . medicated.  Just like it says right there on the tube!  It's okay.  I prefer it to ChapStick (by far!) . . . but I just can't quite get past the camphor smell.

And, finally, I tried this . . .


I generally don't like the squeeze tube-style lip balms, but y'know what?  I really, really like this stuff -- especially for overnight.  According to the packaging, Moisture Melt is "super hydrating lip balm with moisturinzing Softbeads you can see" -- and it's true!  There are little, bright blue beads of (apparently) "conditioning shea butter plus soothing aloe" right in the tube.  And right on your lips when you first put it on.  Which looks kind of silly, actually.  (Fortunately, they melt in right away.)

This stuff is really quite nice -- it feels good when you first put it on (it's thicker and more like a gel.  It sinks in and stays on all through the night.  My lips feel great in the morning -- not dry at all.  There is a scent -- kind of light and not obnoxious at all . . . and, best of all, no flavor!  (Also . . . $1.59!)

Blistex Moisture Melt may just replace my old Carmex for the overnight lip treatment!

How about YOU?  Are you a Blixtex fan?  How about flavors?  Do you like flavors . . . or not so much?  What are you looking for when you try a new "lip health" product?  And what makes you switch over to something new?  Remember . . . leave a comment on this post, and you'll be entered in my ChapStick Challenge contest!

Next week. . . we'll look at the new, "cool kids" -- Burt's Bees and EOS.




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From your review I think I need to spend more time checking out the Blistex products. I was addicted to good old medicated Blistex in the 70s and the new blams all sounded pretty good and easy to use. You have good in depth analysis of your subject. I'm ready sold.


Good old Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment has been my overnight choice for years and years, but I had no idea they now made gazillions of products. That Moisture Melt stuff looks tempting, if only to give my family a laugh with my blue-spotted lips. Now if they only made something with hair-repellent spheres so my hair didn't get stuck in it...


I'm going to give that moisture melt a try - thanks! and no, I'm not a blistex fan and I am not a fan of flavors either!


DH introduced me to Blistex. He always had it in his lunchkit that went to the field with him. It's ok but I still like Burt's Bees better!


Oh oh,,, all those goodies in one little lip stick - wonderful!

Your description made me think of all those exaggerated upper lips of those actresses - who decided a too full upper lip is sexy I always wonder when I see them especially the Angelina!

(I used to sell hyaluronic acid to eye doctors, they use it as a filling material to avoid collapsing of the eye or something of that sort...


I absolutely love Blistex medicated lip ointment and I can't believe you completely ignored it! Sheesh. Seriously, though, I've used it since I was a little girl and that medicated scent/flavor is the thing I love the most.


Very good review of the product line! Some flavors are OK, but medicine-like ones I don't like. I need a lip balm without sunscreens, which I have a devil of a time finding. Last time I got a cold and very chapped lips, I resorted to hand lotion. That was not good.


I couldn't live without Blistex is in high school. Can't remember using it after high school. *L*

Love a lavender lip balm that my mom got in a goodie bag from a hospital stay. Hopefully, I won't be getting another one anytime soon. ;^)

Love Burt and his Bees. Don't want to live without the tinted product line. Great way to add a little color without skimping on the lip care.


Hm. This is a great series! I don't use much on my lips at.all, but once in a while there's a need.


I love this!
I too have no patience for chapstick.
I have tried a variety of Blistex products, my favorite is Silk & Shine (grey tube, purple writing). But I'm gonna go get some of that Moisture Melt to try it too.

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