(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday
Might Look a Little Strange

This and That . . . Three Things on a Thursday

It's cold.  It's snowing.  It's Thursday.

Thing 1:  Claim to Fame


Erin gave me these socks in our Family Stocking Exchange this Christmas.  She purchased them for well under $5 at Rite-Aid.  If you look at the tag, you can see that these socks are "The Coziest Socks in the Universe."  (That's right!  The Universe.)  Who knew?

Thing 2:  Why I Was Late To Work on Tuesday


That's right.  Turkey Crossing Ahead.  This poor-quality phone photo only shows the last two (well, you can actually see four if you look carefully) of a string of six turkeys crossing the road.  S-l-o-w-l-y.  By the time I got my camera out and pointed at the turkeys, I almost missed 'em.

Thing 3:  Best Chocolate-Covered Almonds EVER


Tom brought home some YUM from Switzerland last week.  Oh. My.

Enjoy your Thursday!




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Turkeys are cool from a distance but I hear if they move into your yard they are nasty!
Ooo, chocolate. Yum!


I see turkeys occasionally on my way to work, too. Last time there were loads of them - at least 20, I'd say. It was cool. And those chocolate covered almonds look and sound amazing. Yummmmmm.


The coziest socks in the universe AND Chocolate almonds from Switzerland? You lucky duck!


I like those birds from a distance too! Sometime they're so big they could knock on the car window! And those almonds...a little bit of heaven!

kathy b

turkey crossing

love the snow


I had to stop for turkeys, and following at the end of several females (no male in the group) was a male peacock from a nearby hobby farm. He had his tale displayed, but the turkey hens seemed unimpressed.

Those almonds look delicious!


Who wouldn't love the coziest socks in the universe?! Although, I'm not sure they would match up to those almonds.

Turkeeeeys! There's a flock in the area. A mother and her babies, who will be a year old this spring. They are so smart about traffic, they could teach some of the local human babies a few pointers.

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