Just a Little Knitting
Hello 2013!

Struck Down

The Crud finally hits.

Although I think it's a different - and more mild - Crud than the one that visited Tom and Brian over the holidays.


This is my day today.


Pass the Kleenex. . .


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Aw shoot. I was hoping you'd miss the disease. Glad to see you are well enough to still knit. :) Feel better soon!


Sending healing thoughts your way. It's just everywhere this year!


Oh Kym! Please, please take care of yourself and if anyone else comes around make them take care of you, too!! Feel better soon!


bummer! please take care of yourself (that tableau looks perfect!) and feel better soon!!


Oy! get better soon.


Oh no! I'm sorry! Hannah had it and Dale started over the weekend and now I'm trying to fight it off. I think my demise is inevitable, though.

kathy b

God Bless you!!!
Had the cold a week before Christmas...so glad it is over.
Stay in. Drink Liquids....stay warm


Oh, Kym, I'm so sorry. I was afraid the boys would share with you. I hope it's a much milder version of what they had and that you're feeling better soon. They're waiting on you hand foot, right?


Me, too. I got up and dressed yesterday, then had an up-and-dressed-related relapse today. Stay warm, force fluids, and take aspirin for the aches -- oh, and knitting and audio of some kind is good, too ;-)

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