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Cure(s) for What Ails You

Might Look a Little Strange

I suppose that coming home to find this note on the counter might seem a little surprising. . .


And I suppose some might find it a bit off-putting to open the refrigerator and find this inside. . .


But here, it's de rigueur.

Oh, it might look a little strange, sure.  But it's just a sure sign that SOMEbody is about to leave for another stint in Mumbai.

Happy Weekend!


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Not everyone has typhoid next to their butter. *L*
Hope Tom has a safe trip and you and Jenny do ok at home!


You lead an interesting life, my friend.


Whoa, Tom leads an interesting life!

Cheryl S.

My first thought was that "Live Typhoid" must be the name of a band...


Yikes! Hoping the time passes quickly for both of you!

kathy b

Ewww and how wonderful at the same time.......
Tom is doing good in our big world


Does Typhoid really belong on the dairy shelf? Shouldn't it be in the meat drawer? ;^)

I was thinking your household plague had turned slightly more serious. *L*


LOL! My first thought was also that Live Typhoid was the name of a band. Best of luck to Tom in Mumbai!


Forgot to ask, does he have to take the anti-malaria stuff, too? I understand that it gives amazing/terrifying dreams.


oh my goodness - it's been nearly a week since I stopped by - missed your crazy fun sense of humor!! and thanks for sharing yet-another great reason why I never need to visit India. seriously.

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