Beer Throw Down: Arcadia vs New Holland
Beep-Beep Beep-Beep YEAH!

Just Lucky, I Guess

Soundtrack. . .


(which, although a GREAT song, has absolutely nothing to do with today's post. . . but it was the song stuck in my head - relentlessly - for every stitch of this project.  Every. Stitch.)

We all have our weakness when it comes to "wearables."  For some, it's shoes.  Others, bags.  (Ahem).  Could be anything . . . something we just can't resist.  Grapic tees.  Denim jackets.  Mustard green anything. Black everything.



Yeah.  Tom has a thing for hats.

Ball caps in summer.  Wicking hats for running.  All manner of nerdy fishing hats.  Warm hats in winter.  Hats.  Always hats.


He has a knit cap tucked into the pocket of every coat or jacket he owns (and, trust me, jackets run second to hats for Tom).

Whenever I knit a hat . . . Tom claims it.  (Brian has lost a couple of hand-knit hats this way.)

Good thing he married a knitter!


Just lucky, I guess!

Ravelry details here.





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Super hat and a great color on Tom too! :)


Tom looks happy and warm!! Great color! Fortnight is a great pattern and I know it's cold when Smith reaches for his.


I love it! Dale has a thing for hats, too, but not knitted ones.

kathy b

What a great post. My son takes all the hats I knit. He just told me he left one at his friends house.

and the dog ate it.....


I love it! Doug has no knitted hat love though. Just ball caps and wicking hats. Oh and that funny fur lined Elmer Fudd hat that he snowblows in! :-)


Wonderful hat!

And the thing about having a thing? Yeah, I have NO IDEA what you're talking about! Yes, that is my story. ;^)


that hat looks super warm and cozy!


A hat fiend and a knitter -- a match made in heaven


Great hat! My bald brother liked the hat I knit him for Christmas so much, that I think I should knit him another.

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