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Hello 2013!

I don't really DO "New Year's Resolutions."  Or, at least, not in the traditional sense.  I usually do resolve to live a certain way -- usually with a list of verbs -- but I don't make resolutions like "get in shape" or "eat better."

This week, though, Carole has suggested we list our Goals for 2013.  I might not make "resolutions," but I ALWAYS have "goals!" 


Here are my goals for 2013:

  1. SAVE more!  Tom and I realized that we only have two more tuition payments to make!!!  In a year, we'll be free of college tuition!  It's time to get back in a savings frame of mind.
  2. KNIT FROM STASH!  (I know.)  I'm not going to get all hung up on this, but I am going to use up some of the Very Nice Yarn . . . that I already happen to own.
  3. ORGANIZE my space!  Last year, I tackled some really big organizational projects in my house - with great success.  It feels really good to have those projects completed -- but there is MORE to do.  This year, I want to continue organizing my space . . . one drawer/container/box at a time.
  4. LEARN new things!  I'm not talking about a university degree here . . . I'm talking garden conferences, new knitting techniques, PhotoShop tricks, and work webinars.  Gotta keep that brain busy!
  5. READ as many books as possible!  I expect I'll keep my main reading time focused on contemporary fiction -- but I want to explore more poetry and short stories this year, with some Dickens and Thomas Hardy thrown in for classics relief.
  6. PAINT bathrooms!  (Now, there's an exciting goal.)  I'm so pleased with my painting success from 2012 that I'm ready to press on.  This year:  the upstairs bathroom at home (which means . . . I need to strip wallpaper first; wallpaper that was apparently applied with SuperGlue. . .) and the bathroom at the cottage.
  7. MAKE STUFF!  I have so many ideas.  It's time to make cool things happen.
  8. Keep on MOVING!  My fitness routine is a good one; it works well for me and I'm happy with it.  But.  It's good to throw new things into the fitness "mix" now and then.  I'm not sure what I'll add this year -- but it's going to be something! 
  9. GET OUT!  Vacation.  Go to movies.  See a play.  Go on road trips.  Visit new places.  Taste new foods.  Experience . . . life . . . outside my front door.
  10. Be OPEN . . . to SURPRISES!  Because. . . they're everywhere.

How about YOU?  What are YOUR goals for 2013?


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Excellent goals! And they all sound like reasonable ones that can be accomplished.
My main goal is to keep my head above water and keep treading...I feel like I'm drowning in too many things to get done...


I like your goals. It really is important to keep that brain busy. I have been trying to knit from stash for the last year or so and it's on my list again this year - I have so much hand spun that needs to be knit or woven!


Very exciting! We've got some painting and sprucing that really needs to be done as well. Looking forward to spending 2013 together here and there!


It makes a such a difference if your OPEN to surprise. Surprise will be sure to find you. My list (if I made lists) would include a couple of things on your list. The closets are number one on my list (OML, they are bad).


I hear you on that wallpaper. Try lots and lots of vinegar as we've had success with that. And I know you'll do all those other things and more because that's just how you roll.

kathy b

Great goal for life beyond your front door!

i did that goal last year was amazing'
Sequoia National Park
and Virginia....


Yay for surprises and being open to them!!


That's a great list! #9 is a particular favorite and a goal that I've been pursuing more mindfully the last couple of years -- and plan on continuing. I *love* little road trips! I wish I could get as excited about painting as you, though.


I love your list! Happy ToT!


you're going to have one busy year, my friend - but it looks like it's full of good stuff...and painting bathrooms. good luck and enjoy! (and it's funny - when I started my post I had some stuff in there about being anti-resolution and pro-goal...and I deleted it. and then Carole and you both say exactly what I wanted to say. no longer surprises me!)

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