Might Look a Little Strange
Cabin Fever

Cure(s) for What Ails You

A soundtrack. . .


Sometimes, life is just kind of . . . a slog.


Winter doldrums. 


Mumbai blues.

Credit card fraud.

And 7 buttonholes. . . turning into 22 (and counting, unfortunately.)

Spring looks to be a long, long way away.


It's a good thing . . .

there are cures.


Chai lattes in a floral shop greenhouse.


A little color.


Some irrigation.


A little glimpse of what's to come.


Hope in pink petals. . .


with maybe a little something to take home.


(And a little Respighi, a nice cab, and a totally surprising episode of Downton Abbey certainly round things out!)


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You know how to treat yourself well. Good job! That color pink is just the right shade to lift the spirits! Around here it's the seed packets arriving in the mail!


The pink is beautiful! I had credit card fraud this month too. Was astounded at how fast they were on to them though! Happy Monday!


I hear ya. Sorry about all the icky stuff but looks like you had a fun time at the greenhouse. You're going to love tomorrow's Ten on Tuesday topic, too!


I think they do garden shops much better where it snows. that one looks inviting even to me! and I think they need to start posting tissue alerts for these DA episodes. last week, this week, wonder what next week will bring?!

Sharon R

I hear you, lady! I'm hating the rain on snow that's happening today. Slush! Ugh!!! For my winter splashes of colour, I always bring mini daffodils and grape hyacythes into the house in January. For Feb, it's tulips. And, omg, Downton Abbey! Totally unexpecte! It haunted my sleep. And one hour is just NOT enough.

kathy b

hope in pink petals...YES! Perfectly put


Spring will be here before you know it. Clearly, you're doing a wonderful job of keeping your spirits up.


Rain on snow = ice. That's what we had today.

Tell us the story of the buttonholes!

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