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I don't mind winter.  I love snow.  I have a down coat, cozy boots, and plenty of wool to keep me warm.  I have an all-wheel drive vehicle that I can rely on to get me through whatever winter throws down.  I have a fireplace.  I like to read.  And knit. 


I can deal with winter.

It's just that . . . when it starts to look like this . . .


with the slush and slop . . .


and the ice and the ooze . . .


that the Winter Blahs really start to take hold!

Yesterday, I wrote about some of my favorite winter-blah cures:  greenhouse visits, chai lattes with a friend, symphony music.  Today, Carole has us thinking about Ten Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs.


1 -- Create Light.  Find ways to bring more light into your surroundings.  I hang little glass sun-catchers in my windows, and I keep some holiday twinkle lights up until spring.  It helps.

2 -- Embrace the Weather.  You can't change it . . . so you might as well accept it.  Get OUT in it.  Take a walk in the snow.  Get out your shovel.  Find some great rain boots.  A little weather won't hurt you.

3 -- Find the Beauty.  Each season holds a special wonder.  Try to find it.  (Take your camera.)


4 -- Get Out!  Do something.  Go somewhere.  See a movie.  Or a play.  Go to a concert.  Diversion can be delightful any time -- but especially so when the Blahs set in.

5 -- MOVE.  Yeah.  Go work out!  The harder the better.  Exercise improves your state of mind, keeps you healthier, and perks you up besides.  (And remember - swim suit season is just around the corner.)

6 -- The Right Beverages.  A cup of tea.  A chai latte.  A bottle of wine.  A jigger of whiskey.  Ahhhh.


7 -- Make Plans.  Design a garden bed.  Plan a vacation.  Or a weekend getaway.  Choose some new paint colors.  Reorganize your Ravelry "queue."  Let your mind wander and have some fun with new ideas.

8 -- Try Something New.  Not necessarily a big thing . . . but just a little tweak can bring some fresh perspective to your life.  Usually read novels?  Try some poetry.  Usually knit?  Try a little sewing project.  Usually run?  Try some yoga.

9 -- Comfort Food.  When the weather outside is . . . BLAH. . . I like to cook hearty, warm-you-from-the-inside foods.  (This pot of chicken noodle soup will do the trick -- and, with Tom gone, I'll be eating it for days and days and days!)


10 -- Surround Yourself with Things that Make You Happy.  Combat the Winter Blahs with images . . . hobbies. . . people . . . activities . . . words. . . that make you happy.  Life is good.  Even in the dead of winter.


How about YOU?  How do you beat the Winter Blahs?


Join the fun!  Sign up for Ten on Tuesday here.


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Your soup looks delicious!


We have a day of "yet more" snow, but with many of the ideas you've listed, I've been able to keep the blahs at bay (for the most part). It's all about attitude and I'm working on it! Great list, Kym!


Your list is great and we have some of the same ideas. I made beef stew in the crockpot this morning before work and that means my house will smell wonderful when I get home later. So tell me about your chicken soup. Every time I make it the noodles get all mushy after the first day. How do you combat mush noodles?


Light is so important. I know it helps me a lot. Great list!

kathy b

I love your light gathering ideas....Im all over it today. . Great tip

Kristi aka FiberFool

What a fantastic list and a great reminder of a few things that didn't make mine :-) Thanks for sharing!


what a wonderful list! I especially love "find the beauty". first thing I ALWAYS do if it snows is head outside with my camera. the white and the ice - especially if there's sun - make lovely pictures.


I have a big pot of baked potato soup simmering on the stove. I don't know how well that is going to go over for dinner, because I made split pea soup over the weekend, but soup in winter makes me feel better.

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