Just Lucky, I Guess
(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday

Beep-Beep Beep-Beep YEAH!


Let's just set the tone here. . .


Today, Carole has us looking inside our cars . . . to reveal what we keep in there.  I figured . . . (bad) photo documentation will do the trick. 

So, what Ten Things Do I Always Have In My Car?


1.  My "Car iPod" (it's plugged in. . . down there in the dark where you can't really see it).  My car is pre-iPod auxilliary port-friendly, so I have a specially installed conversion "thing" (technical term. . .).  I leave my old, classic iPod plugged in there all the time (because it won't hold a charge anymore otherwise).

2.  Sunglasses (they're in the cupholder; I don't drive without 'em.  Except at night.).

3.  Ice Scraper/Snow Brush (which I hadn't used all winter . . . until yesterday!).

4.  Umbrella (not used much in the winter, but it's there in the side pocket. . . just waiting for spring).


5.  Re-usable grocery bags (best bags EVER; I use these EVERY time I shop).

6.  Folding basket (so handy at so many places).

7.  Gardening gloves and giant slab of plastic (tucked in the little cubbyhole . . . because you never know when you'll find some plants needing a good home, y'know?).


8.  Garage door opener (natch).

9.  Emergency cheaters (to read directions or . . . just SEE in a pinch).

10.  Important documents (like auto registration and proof of insurance).

Beep-beep Beep-beep YEAH!

How about YOU?  What do you always have in YOUR car?


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I love the folding basket tip and need to incorporate #7 in the next couple of months. I just KNOW spring is around the corner!


Emergency cheats are living in my pocketbook now. Great idea to keep them in the car too!


I have the same exact basket. I love it! I can't seem to live without my sunglasses either these days.


I like those bags! I finally put a basket like thingy in my car and I'm so happy. It's great for transporting those beer growlers!


I love number 7. I can't wait for spring to get outside and play in the dirt.

kathy b

an empty mcdonalds bag.....
and hand cleaner!


I forgot that I also have a pair of little clippers in my console. You never know when you'll find some good holly or other greens to bring home!


Michael and I share one vehicle, a small pick-up. He, a former Eagle Scout, made an emergency kit. It is a large carry-on bag that I have to use two hands to lift safely. I'm afraid to look inside. We also have a GPS, and that has saved our marriage countless times.


I just put a pair of cheaters in my car too.
There is always a pair of blankets, a metric socket set, a flashlight and some insulated bags to bring groceries home in the summer...Plus most of the things you mentioned! ;)

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