Right Now. . . November
Soundtrack of Christmas

'Tis the Season

As I was sorting through and organizing my closets and drawers this fall, I stumbled upon these. . .


Boxes and boxes of Christmas cards.  Leftovers from years gone by.

Which got me thinking about the whole concept of Christmas cards.  I usually send them -- with a newsy family note and some photos.  (But I often get really grumpy about it.)

I like getting cards at the holiday, though, and especially from friends I don't see very often (and especially when they include newsy family notes and some photos).

But this year, I'm feeling a bit dragged down by the whole card thing.

I'm interested in what YOU think about holiday cards!  What do YOU do?  Do you send them?  Do you like receiving them?  What do you do with them once the holiday is over? 

Help me sort out my "card conundrum" . . .  please share your thoughts and stories today in the comment.